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nate jackson vs j rice

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    Originally posted by topscribe
    All this discussion has involved Rice, Luke, and Jackson. Coming up on the outside are B.J. Johnson and Romar Crenshaw, completely unnoticed. Nobody is going to have it easy in camp this year--Rice, Luke--nobody.

    Nate is scared? They had better all be a little bit apprehensive, including Rice. Despite comments in other threads describing this group as "scrubs," there is a lot of talent here.



    There is only one person on the Broncos that should not be scared and that is Rod.

    Speed is nice but if you can't run with the ball after the catch. (assshley, romar)

    The rest are not nearly in Jerry's class.


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      Just a quick note about schools.
      The problems are

      The admistrators who do not have the balls to remove a trouble maker from either the classroom or the school. This is not an issue in private schools.

      Passing kids on for years, because we did not want to tramatize them.

      Teaching the tests opposed to the old fashioned way 3R's reading righting rithmatic.

      For all the new kids (folks under40), that is teach a child how to study, how to read and write, how to do math the rest falls into place.

      Last but not least teachers unions and tenure.

      Throwing money at the problem does not fix it. Taking a hard line with kids and parents. If the child does not want to learn find a job for them to do and give them vocational training. It is time to stop hold their hands and make them perform or get them out of the way of the kids that want to.

      My daughter goes to a Christain High school the cost is about $3500.00 per year for the tution. There are no drug problems, no pregnancies, no booze, no tobacco, period.

      All but two kids in the graduating class are going on to college 50% or better on scholarships. One kid got a full ride to Georgetown, one to Baylor, two others to Christain Colleges. The biggest scandal this year was on a curfew problem, while at a state meet a couple of the guys showed up to a girls room (4 in each room)after lights out. They talked and listened to music for a couple of minutes. Nothing else happened, each person in the rooms got a 3 day in school suspension. That is after they turned themselves in because the were guilty of conscience. The parents all got a personal apology from the kids, chaparrones and the Principle and Superintendent.
      Wiill something like that happen again probabaly not. They tested boundaries found out it was not worth it and turned themselves in.

      How many of Y'all (students) would have done that?
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        I think it would be best for Rice to become a coach or player/coach (although not spending much time on the field...). BUt TC will be interesting. Bt I still think Nate can claim #4

        Elvon Millervil eat grues for breakfast.

        Pey-Pey to Bey-Bey for the Tey-Dey.