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    Give me the ball ......Grinz

    If I was lucky enough to play in the NFL I would of been a running back. I have been playing rugby since 1974 and still play rugby. My position is kind of like a running back / center / Qb. I play # 8 which is called a Lock.

    I had many offeres to play pro over the years while I was in my prime by I never wished to live overseas to play professionally. I am pretty glad I didnt I really was having a ball playing for the U of Miami for so many years. Back then it was a club sport and you could stay on the UM team even after you were out of school.

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      I would play Kicker, because kicking is my secret passion.


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        i'd be a cheerleader.... the guy that holds the girl up in the air by her tush...
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          Well since I am smaller then when I played in College I would have to go with Strong Safety, if I was still in College I would say the same thing, but I am a little smaller now! The only other position I could play now would be Cheerleader's personal assistant! LOL!

          Aything else I would say coaching of course, though I prefer coaching in college then I would in the pros... All the headaches and financial crap would piss me off!


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            Wide recicver i can ran fast as hell and i got some great hands but im short i play Wr in school im 1st string im in middle school


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              I would play corner, becasue I'm quick and physical.


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                Originally posted by bcbronc
                i'd be a cheerleader.... the guy that holds the girl up in the air by her tush...
                We're thinking along the same line.....cheerleader coach.....but seriously, I wouldn't mind having the abilities that Ed Mac had before he got hurt
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                  RB or WR. I have probably, one of the most consistent pair of hands you can find. I rarely make catching errors, nor will you find me dropping many balls.

                  RB, because I have shifty cutback moves. You ask anyone from my high school, middle school, or elementary, they can all tell you, I was the closest to Barry Sanders you can find at every school I've gone too. What holds me back, is that I'm not a power back, nor am I a fast speedy back. I can only rely on my shifts and agility.
                  Rod Smith, Jimmy Smith and Art Monk are the most underrated recievers in my time watching the NFL. It's a shame.

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                    Middle linebacker would be fun!

                    I'd hate to be a cheerleader. YOu have to smile all the time and to be a cheereleader in NFL Europe would be the worst nightmare - they're freezing their a$$es off in places like Hamburg - poor things!


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                      Kick returner/ WR. I'm about Dante Hall's height, he just outweighs me by about 10 lbs...™
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                        slow white boy...

                        ... but i've got good size, decent hands....durable... and dumb....

                        so Fullback would suit me best.....

                        I used to be a long snapper... so they could dump me on special teams as well...


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                          Lets definitely either have to play o-line, d-line, LB, or 6'5, 230....but if i could pick out of all those positions, id pick LB...TE is a close 2nd tho.


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                            It would be awesome to be the best pass rushing DE that ever played the game - busting through double and triple teams and still destroying the QB before he got his feet set.

                            But, that's just a dream - I'm smallish and quick so I played CB in high school - didn't like it as much as playing free safety though.
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                              Originally posted by Tatum26Bell
                              If you were in the NFL, what position would you play?

                              You can choose coaching spots too.

                              I actually think I'd make a good head coach, owner, or RB

                              I would love to play DB.

                              But realistically, the only job I am remotely qualified for in an NFL franchise is media and marketing. So either calling he games, or doing technical stuff behind the scenes for radio and film. OR doing something like Broncos TV.

                              Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                              The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
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