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    This is my first post, but I've been a bronco fan all my life. I'm not much for forum's, but from what I've read there's alot of real fans here. I grew up about 5 miles from where Elway played high school ball and still live there. I'm 33 so I was pretty young at the time. He's a hometown boy, so I immediately became a fan and have been ever since. I don't know what happened today, but it was one of the most embarassing games I've watched. We've all been through worse (55-10 super bowl). This was Jake's first year in the system, one that nobody thought he could run. I hate putting blame on injuries, but when its your QB, 2 OLB, safety and even Portis, no team can play without that. We went into that game with the wrong game plan. It was obvious early that Manning was clicking. We needed to pass to keep up and didn't. They scored so quick that by the time we tried to play catch-up it was too late. We easily ran on them, but running is taken out when your down 3 TD's. Jake is a good passer and a least by mid second quarter, we should have been throwing. We can't win the super bowl every year(I wish), but every year we can learn. I think we need a cover corner, safety, WR, and a back-up QB. If Jake plays the whole season we might have had a bye week, but that's what we get for not having a quality back-up. Next year the Broncos will be tough. They will contend for the AFC West, Championship and Super Bowl. I plan to speak more to everyone and look forward to reading what you think. GO BRONCOS and KEEP THE FAITH!!!!

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    This is my second post! I'm a transplanted Broncos fan now living in Texas. I lived in Denver from 77-88. I got hooked on the Broncos since I watched them play in the Super Bowl in 1977. I was a south stands usher for 4 years from 83-87. The good ol south stands!! I miss all the fans there!!

    The momentum was in Denver's favor at the end of the season...they were rolling right along. I think they should have kept that momentum going right through Green Bay. They could have manhandled the Pack and moved on to defeat the Colts with a fresh win in their hands. Instead the Pack used that momentum from that win to beat Seattle yesterday. The Broncos showed no heart yesterday...I think they had too much of a break!


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      I couldn't believe how flat the defense was yesterday. After playing solid and aggressive for most of the year our D came out soft on Sunday. Instead of 'bump and run' (like we played the first time out against Indy) we gave huge cushions on our coverage (not to mention forgetting to takle, or even touch, M. Harrison).
      I agree with you. Our game plan was off, on offense and defense. I think that we are a couple of players away from being really dangerous next year. We need Atwater attitude and toughness in the defensive backfield and another speedy receiver.


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        The secondary was there two weeks ago...where were they yesterday? Two weeks ago...Kenoy Kennedy was hitting everyone, knocking down balls. I didn't hear his name yesterday.

        Three penalties on Dan Neil...what was that?! Where was his head at? It obviously wasn't in the game! Usually the offensive line gets all the kudos.


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          Wet behind the ears

          I live in L.A. and my heart bleeds orange crush. I just want to thank the Broncos organization for a wonderful year albeit the end result. But if we keep everybody and importantly Al Wilson, loke what Bert Berry said 'watch out we'll have a chip on our shoulders comeing out next season. I beleive we need to just be patient because Jake is in just his first year in the club, Ashley suffered becasue of infamiliarity with him eventhough I thought Rod, Shannon and Clinton shined this year. And more importantly we must forget about #7. Everything hinged on what he did in the past this year. This is a new team with Plummer on board let's not gage thier efforts when the lend was here. I knew in my heart we were'nt ready for the big dance. If we keep everbody back and "tweak" a little bit as what Shanahan said we'll be back on top again. And we will write a new history next year.


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            That was a good first for it being your first! I enjoyed what you had to say. To be honest I was so hurt watching that game I turned it off after half time. Hopefully we can stay healthy nexy year, I know that was a major factor. But I have been trying to tell myself that atleast we made it to the playoffs.