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  • Areas we need to address...

    While we had a top 5 defense for much of the season, last nights game painfully showed that it needs some work. So IMO the areas we need to address are....

    Secondary-we need a shut down CB at least
    DE-the interior is fine, not great, but we need more pressure. Manning had a year to throw last night.
    LB-I don't think Mobley will be back.
    WR-we don't have a #2, #3, #4, etc receivers (did lelie even play?)
    TE-even if sharpe stays, we need to prepare for it
    OL-I think foster will play next year but we always need depth at this position (Nalen won't be around for to much longer).

    So basically, we need everything. What do you guys think?
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    1. I agree on the secondary. I would imagine Deltha is gone, and we really dont have a shut down corner.
    2. I actually think we are ok at LB. Gold, Pierce and Mobley are all on IR and who knows if Mobley will be back, but I thought Spragan and Sykes were solid.
    3. DL needs a stud. Preferably a DT.
    4. I would like another WR. Ed may be gone and how many more years can Rod continue to play?
    5. And I think we need to draft a QB in the later rounds and start grooming him to be the starter. Its pretty clear that neither Jarious or Kanell is the answer for the future.

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      Mobley won't be back cuz he'll be in the clink.


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        Answers to our problems:

        1. Draft a good corner.
        Late first round corners for Denver:

        A. Derrick Strait - Oklahoma
        B. Will Poole - USC
        C. DeAngelo Hall - Virginia Tech

        2. I personally think our D-Line is ok.

        A. Chad Lavalais - LSU
        B. Marcus Tubbs - Texas
        C. Darnell Dockett - Florida State

        3. I think we have solid depth at LB.

        A. Michael Boulware - Florida State
        B. Teddy Lehman - Oklahoma
        C. Josh Buhl - Kansas State

        4. Our WR depth is a little shallow.

        A. Reggie Williams - Washington
        B. Ernest Wilford - Virginia Tech
        C. Mark Clayton - Oklahoma

        5. Hey who knows Sharpe might stay another year?

        A. Ben Troupe - Florida
        B. Ben Hartsock - Ohio State
        C. Jeff Dugan - Maryland

        6. We have the best O-Line in the league. But depth never hurts.

        A. C - Ben Wilkerson - LSU
        B. OG - Nick Leckey - Kansas State
        C. OT - Jacob Rogers - USC

        7. As for a QB, I think Jake needs more time to develop in our offensive system.

        A. Josh Harris - Bowling Green
        B. Cody Pickett - Washington
        C. John Navarre - Michigan

        Just my humble opinion.
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          It looks like we have quite a few areas to address .....
          1. Secondary ... i know that walls did have a good year ... and brandon soes show some potential .... but we are gonna need someone with experience back there .... someone who can come up with a big stop in a pressure game.
          2. WR ... lets face it ... eddie mac's career is pretty much over ... he has been great over the years ... but i cant see him being round another season. Lelie still has alot to prove ... i would still rate his as a no.3 receiver .... so i think we need someone to accompany rod ... it would be great if we could pick up a real go to guy ... ie: terrel owens ... ( i know he is a big mouth ... but he is still a play maker)
          3. TE ... I love the way shannon plays and how he has performed over the years but we are will have to look at replacing him with somone who can consistently come up with some big catches like he did. I think Carlisle is a good bakup and 2nd TE ... maybe not a go to guy tho ..

          Our DL could use someone who can bring abit more pressure .... bert berry did a great job this year ... as did trevor pryce ... but another pass rusher would go along way ......

          Our LB core is looking great. ... gold will def be straight back into the starting lineup ... i dont think mobley will be the same .. jayshon and donnie def suprised me ... we are very healthy in this area. ....

          I hope we dont blow our early round draft picks .... Ben troupe at TE would be a nice first round pick up but i think he will go early ....


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            I think we should have the D-Line as:

            LE: Trev Pryce
            DT: Super Mario (played well all season)
            DT: A decent FA. Or Gardener if he weants to actually play next season.
            RE: Hayward against the run and Berry against the pass

            Remeber that we had 3 lineman this year with 8+ sacks (Trev on 8.5, Berry on 11 and Reggie Hayward on 8)

            We ahven't ahd many on the interior lineman, so we will need improvement there. As I have said, for the secondary:

            CB #1: Big Free Agent, maybe Woodson, Bailey or Springs
            CB #2: (FA) or Kelly Herndon
            CB #3: Lennie Walls
            CB #4: Willie Middlebrooks
            CB #5: Scott Turner

            FS: Ryan McNeil (great on coverage, made the pro bowl for SD there)
            SS: Kenoy Kennedy

            I think the WR corps should be:

            1: Rod Smith
            2: Ashley Lelie
            3: Martay Jenkins
            4: Charlie Adams
            5: Adrian Madise

            and if Sharpe retires:

            FB #1: Mike Anderson
            FB #2: Patrick Hape

            TE #1: Reuben Droughns - has GREAT hands, perfect for short pass attack
            TE #2: Dwayne Carswell
            TE #3: Jeb Putzier

            Then get a decent punter and DING DING DING we win the SB.

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              I could be wrong, but didn't Champ Bailey already re-sign with the Redskins?

              Anyway, I forgot safeties on my list up there:

              A. Sean Taylor - Miami
              B. Will Allen - Ohio State
              C. (Going out on a limb here..)
              Brandon Everage - Oklahoma

              The reason why I said Brandon Everage is because he's a hard hitter and is a smart safety. I think that's perfect for Denver.
              The reason why I went out on a limb and said his name is because of a shoulder injury that's been nagging at him all year.
              It seems that he has a hard time wrapping up when tackling because of his shoulder. If his shoulder gets back to full strength he could be one of the top 3 safeties in the land.

              It seems that I have forgotten DE's:

              A. David Pollack - Georgia
              B. Dave Ball - UCLA
              C. Claude Harriot - Pittsburgh
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                DEs? We've got Trev Pryce, Bert Berry, Reggie Hayward, Clint Mitchell and Bryant McNeal. Wake up and smell the flowers mate...

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                  Just had to list every position, thats all.
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                    Originally posted by crimson_bronco
                    Just had to list every position, thats all.
                    Fair enough

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                      First of all, if we are going to be a pass rushing team, i think we need to move Trevor Pryce back inside and start Gardener along him. Bert berry and Reggie Hayward both deserve to be starters. Also, i dont think we should rotate as much as we have, Let Pryce, Berry, Hayward, and Daryl Gardener get most of the snaps, while changing only every now and then.

                      As far as the secondary. Sam Brandon has to go back to the bench, i gave him a chance and he constantly missed assignments. Ryan Mcneil is a veteran and has played free safety before. i think we should try him there. I dont like the idea of starting a rookie on defense cause he will make just as many mental mistakes as brandon did. also Middlebrooks has to switch back to safety cause he has obviously lost his blazing speed. he still is quick and can definitely cover better as a safety. walls and herndon are improving and hopefully learning the amount of study it takes to be great. Overall, i though lenny walls was really immature this year, but it WAS his first so i hope the excitement of being a starter is gone and he can focus on getting better.

                      Our LB core was supposed to be the strength and if mobley returns, still is the strength. mobley was good in the passing game and gold just gave the team an incredible amount of speed.

                      I really like jake as our QB and i like JJ as his backup. only if he controls his damn accuracy which im sure he'll work at

                      Our WR really didnt play as well as i though they should, Ed was obviously limited and had a bad year. rod had a subpar year too cause i dont think he had hardly any 100 yards games. Lelie is definitly on the rise, and i hope he breaks out cause we will need him to stretch the field. Overall, i feel good about the offense for next year, with or without sharpe's return, im sure putzier wants his chance and carswell can already block well.
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                        I think that we should alternate Trevor like this year. If the opponent has a weaker center then put him at DT but if he can speed rush from the outside then put him there. Other than than that, I agree with what I've read here.
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                          we'll be getting our d-lineman from ir as well right?
                          Nick Eason or somesuch. I like pryce inside and barry outside. we just need another speed pass rusher and we might be alright. If we have a our LB corps back and healthy we'll be fine I think, Spragan and Sykes played well but don't have the coverage skills that mobley and gold have. They bring great range with their speed. I think we need a corner though and I like Champ or Woodson but we won't pay what they'll command in free agency although Shaun Springs might be possible due to his constant injury bug, he won't have the value of the other two. What about the FA corners coming out of the Eagles organization this year? aren't both of there veteren CB's free agents this year? I'd take them in a heart beat, they aren't the distraction of Charles Woodson or Shaun Spring, and they're nearly as good as Woodson or Bailey and better than Spring.


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                            Originally posted by Return of Lava

                            As far as the secondary. Sam Brandon has to go back to the bench, i gave him a chance and he constantly missed assignments. Ryan Mcneil is a veteran and has played free safety before.
                            Finally someone agrees with me.

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                              Originally posted by bcollin1
                              You are certainly welcome to your opinion, but to me, it looks like you haven't done much research.

                              Navarre is the next coming of Drew Bledsoe.
                              There's a reason the Pats won the Super Bowl THE SAME YEAR they stopped starting him at QB. Maybe it's that career sacked record he's going for...I could be crazy.

                              But if you ever say Darnell Dockett in any kind of positive light on this website again, I will have to hunt you down and twist YOUR leg and stomp on YOUR hand with my cleats. Maybe then you'll understand why Dockett belongs nowhere near this organization.

                              I nearly punched a hole in my PC monitor just seeing that name mentioned here to begin with. That guy SHOULD be wearing a number, but it should be on a striped uniform, not an NFL one.

                              This reminds me that we need to start a sort of mock thread for the draft once we know which underclassman are declaring. Some of you know more about college football players than others. Some have insight into some of the so-called "smaller" programs. So, keep your eye open for that.

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