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  • why all the animosity

    as an avid and longstanding (albeit relativley new poster on this board) bronco fan, i do not understand the animosity between new posters and longstanding members. for some of us posting on this board or any board is a matter of available time and of the need to do so. just because we do not post after a killing of a game, but do so after what happened yesterday does not mean that we are bandwagoners. it simply means that we are using this as an outlet of frustration that we otherwise do not have with the people that we happen to be watching the game(s) with. i live in florida and just went to my first bronco home game on 12-14-03. the fans at the stadium were much friendlier to me than the fans on this board...what gives?

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    Originally posted by bcollin1
    What gives, my fellow FL resident, is that you're embarrassing those of us who have had to put up with trolls on this board the entire season.
    (trolls = fans of other teams who come in here to rub our noses in their teams' successes)

    As for your "I'm busy" thing, I have no means by which to judge, except to compare:

    I have a full college load, and a job, AND a girlfriend...and I've still written enough to put together a small novel in here.
    I'm a 12-year Navy veteran, so I KNOW what busy is.

    If you say you're too busy to have made it in here all season, it makes me question how you suddenly FOUND time to come in now.

    We WANT you here.
    Don't get me wrong.
    Bronco fans are Bronco fans.

    All I'm (we're) saying is that people showing up to bltch at the end of the most productive season we've had in YEARS just gives the trolls more fuel for their idiot comments.

    So, come on in...only next year, come in at the BEGINNING of the season, not at the end.
    Who cares about how much youv'e written on this site. You think because you have a lot of posts, that you are a better fan than anyone else. It doesn't mean anything. I guarantee that I like the Broncos just as much if not more than you. I guarantee that I know more about football than you. Don't come in here and tell the new members that we aren't real fans because of the amount of posts we have on this site.


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      Can't we all just get along?

      Sorry had to say it.

      I don't care if you are old or new if you have something to say. Quality of posts vs quanity. There have been a steady amount of fans here through out the season, some who feel a lot of people have decided now to chime in that the season is over and that the trolls are having a feeding frenzy.

      People need a place to vent, that is what the board is here for.
      If you are old poster / new poster and have something to add, say it. Some might agree with it, some won't. That is why it is a discussion board.
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        I think we need to get into discussions on who knows the most about football, that would be great fun.

        And then you all need to pity me, because no one will believe it's me, when they see I'm a bleeding foreigner


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          Originally posted by bcollin1
          Yep, the good old American way:
          Care only about yourself, not about how your actions affect others.

          And as for your "safe haven in which to vent" thing, one question:
          Are you SERIOUS??

          That makes these people look even MORE pathetic. Think about it...that's saying that the Bronco fans have had nothing to vent about until now.

          But, like I's all about the individual, right Leon?
          Of course we have had things to vent about all season long. We've had more to vent about this year than in years past.
          Not everyone chose to vent all year long like we did, some decided to chime in now that the season over. That doesn't mean I automatically negate if they have a valid point.
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            Key word is Valid.

            I never said all the threads were valid, fact is a lot of Sundays threads were spam threads cast out by trolls. But not all the people who signed on here recently or decided to post were the ones responsible for them. The "We Suck" mentality was sickening. Trolls came out of the woodwork and many Bronco bashers did. Many of them are gone, some will undoubtledly stick around. I'm saying not everyone who chimed in recently was being a fair weathered newbie.

            I live in a state with two NFL teams, I still wore my Broncos hat, gloves, and coat, and drove in my car with the Bronco license plate. I'm proud of the team and what they did.
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              Originally posted by bcollin1
              us who have had to put up with trolls on this board the entire season.
              Its like that everywhere. Try going to the Cardinals board and put up with all the crap we put up with.


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                well, i am sorry to have embarressed you, bcollin1. i have never had a bad attitude in regards to the broncos. i have certainly had a bad attitude about some of thier games, and as a fan i reserve the right to complain if i want to. if that makes me a "newbie bandwagoner" in your eyes so be it. to me it just makes me a fan who has just recently found a place to talk about the team. maybe next year i, and others, will be more to your liking.


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                  Originally posted by bcollin1
                  All I want to know is:
                  When are all these damn Aussies going to send me a few bottles of Boag's or VB????

                  Stopping in Gladstone and then Hobart was like a huge tease to my beer taste buds!
                  I've led such a sheltered life ... for the longest time, I thought Foster's was the ONLY "Australian for beer".


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                    Originally posted by broncos_chick
                    I've led such a sheltered life ... for the longest time, I thought Foster's was the ONLY "Australian for beer".
                    You know what Australian's say, "Fosters, Australian for tourists."