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    I think if Delta O'neil wants to keep playing corner he needs to go to another team.

    Why should he settle for playing WR in Denver when he can play DB somewhere else. Altough Herndon and Walls did good they still don't have the speed or talent O'neil has. I think if someone would show him how to breakdown film better it would make a world of difference.

    You also have to look at David Gibbs Defensive Backs coach and Jimmy Spencer as a player/coach. Where is this coaching going on if O'neil is having issues covering people?


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      Originally posted by AsianOrange
      Man....Middlebrook and Deltha....2 clowns that we are VERY unhappy about. I think Shanny needs to hiring an assistant GM.
      I'd say, sombody correct me if I'm wrong, but he only two good first rounders in the Shanny era are Al Wilson and John Mobley. I'd say he could use some help.
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        How many chances does he get? Dont get me wrong, I love Deltha but he has been in the doghouse for so long!


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          Originally posted by cportis27
          How many chances does he get? Dont get me wrong, I love Deltha but he has been in the doghouse for so long!
          As many as Shanahan wants to give him. I'd say this is his last chance though. I still have a gut feeling he'll make a good WR though. Time will tell whether I'm right or wrong.


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            I don't care too much for Deltha personally, but if Mike wants to give him a shot at WR and he takes it.... more power to him. He had spurts as a "good" corner a couple years back, but imho, after the debocle at ( I think it was the New England game where he half a$$ed and got burned the entire game ), I lost faith. Would like to see how he does at WR from a curiosity stand point.

            Nuff said...

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              I thought Deltha would work out when he first arrived, and gave me a lot of hop the first couple years, but i doubt he will be back on the defensive side of the ball unless its with a different team.

              On a side not i wasnt happy with hearndon or walls at corner this year, i mean they did OK but we were near the bottom if not on the bottom in the NFL for turnovers this year, i think we had a total of 9 INTS wich is a wretched number for a whole team. I would like to see us clear up som cap room and go after a free agent CB like woodson, or draft a higly touted CB out of the draft , such as Marlin Jackson from Michigan, should he decide to forgo his senior year.