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I would like to know(i think???)

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  • I would like to know(i think???)

    I have watched some of the Chiefs games and to be quite honest. I wasnt really impressed with their victories compared to their schedule. Now you played them twice and played us twice. I know some trolls will mess with me. I just want some honest opinions on what Broncos fans think about the results of the Chiefs/ Colts game. Thanks for some insight.
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    I think Colts have a great shot at winning, sure Arrowhead is tough as hell, but I think game most likely will be a shootoit & Peyton is much bettern Than trent green

    i like the colts chances this weekend. 31-28 colts


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      I think you guys will win and I hope you do. I know this Chief fan and hes been going on and on about how the Broncos lost to a ****ty a$$ Colts team. I think Manning will scorch the KC secondary for 350+ yards and Edge will have a big game for sure. I like the Colts in this one.



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        I have one thing to say about the colts win. THE SUN SHINES ON A DOGS BUTT SOME DAYS!!


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          I think the Colts chances are good in this game. Hopefully, Tony Dungy will take the blue print we used in both games to expose them and run right up the gut. Granted, Peyton is the go to guy in your offense, but the KC weakness has and will continue to be the run defense. Slam Edge through the line for a few quarters, and you will be victorious. Good luck

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            I honestly don't think that KC matches up very well against Indy. The Indy offence has proven all year that they are well balanced and can beat you with any number of schemes. The Chiefs D is not as strong as it needs to be to carry this team in the playoffs. The Indy defence although not spectacular is efficient and has been consistentlt effective all season. I don't see any way for KC to win this game. If it's a shoot out no way TG out duals the ultimate gunslinger Peyton Manning.
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              I don't think the colts will win because of the cold weather. You guys are used to playing indoors just like the Rams. You guys also need your crowd behind you in big games.

              So you don't need to know how the Colts compare to the Chiefs. Other than the cold weather will help the Chiefs and hurt the Colts. Now that Manning has his playoff win the new question will be if he can win playoff games in cold weather like the Buccs had a issue with it.


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                Honestly, if the Colts play as flawlessly and with the intensity they did on Sunday there's not to many teams that can beat them. But as you can see that can be difficult to do, compare(Broncos/Colts-game 1) Vs. (Broncos/Colts-game2). While I'm not a fan of KC you must respect the fact that they have a great offense and are very difficult to beat at home and for the most part have great fans whom are among the leagues loudest. The key will be to run the ball efficiently and take the crowd out of the game otherwise it will be a long day. No matter what happens it will be a fun game to watch, good luck to both teams, I wish the Broncs could be there.

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                  You never can tell, any given sunday anything can happen.

                  Look at the difference 2 weeks made in the 2 Denver/Indy games.

                  Objectively, I think the colts have the edge on offense (no pun intended) and their pass defense is very good.

                  But, KC has worked some magic to pull games out in Arrowhead lately. Their D isn't deserving of it, but they'll probably win.


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                    I would say that Indy has the advantage. And I really think Dungey will have a couple of special things for the Chiefs this Sunday.

                    But things that may play into the Chiefs favor.
                    Weather... statistically bad for dome teams.
                    Homefield... not just Arrowhead, but statistically league wide
                    Indy emotional let down from 1) a huge playoff victory and 2) Peyton getting his first playoff win(could work either way with this one).

                    About the only thing about this game that would surprise me is if the Chiefs won by more than 10.
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                      I don't know, this one is hard. I think the my Chiefs only chance is to come out and score early! The offense has to be on top of their game if they want to win this one. They cannot mess around. I think with the intesity the crowd will display, the CHIEFS will probably come out swinging! If they do, the Colts will not be able to run the ball, and will be forced to pass. I don't think Peyton will find it as easy to pass on us. Almost all of our Turnovers our D Created this year was by our Secondary. McCleon will be impressive. I say its going to come down to the wire, but I think honestly KC will pull it out in the end!

                      CHIEFS 33
                      COLTS 27

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                        I think this has the potential to be a great and historic game. I think this is the best matchup that the either team could have. I will go with the Chiefs 35-31 simply based on the fact that it is at home (dome teams historically don't travel well in the playoffs) and I would give the slight edge in overall offense to the Chiefs.