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Treatment of BRONCOS fans in INDY

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    There is some concern for the Packer fans wishing to attend the Eagles game this week, as some of you can imagine.

    Going to Philly? Brace for the worst.
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      Originally posted by colt18
      I know it really doesnt matter but i have to chime in on this one.

      Look that story about the father with the 2 daughters has been spread around the league to every team. I have heard it against the Pats, Titans and Eagles. It an urban legend.

      Anyway, I do know a friend of mine who took his younger brother to the Colts/Bronco game. Little Bro was decked out in Elway and Bronco gear. They left early due to some drunk fans running their suck about ****. Look, Colts fans are not like that. Every stadium has A-holes. If you can honestly tell me that no visitor has ever come in to Mile High and had some harrassment I will never watch another football game again. Fact is, stupid stuff happens.

      That is not how people are in Indy. I will vouche for that. I am more proud of my City than I am of the Colts. I love both but if push came to shove, I would stand up for my city and its people any day of the week. Believe me this is not a fair representation of Indy people.

      I will apologize for the A-holes though.

      Well Colt thats hard to argue with and since I have been to Mile High both old and new too many times to count I can say that I have run into my share of A-holes. Last year while at the Buffalo/Denver game I just about clocked some schmuck in front of us, he was harrassing some lady Bill fans and then had the nerve to tell me to be quiet because he was talking on his damn cell phone..........not long after that security got him for throwing something towards the field.


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        I am so sorry that that happend to you! You got that right though, The Colts are a new team to hate for real! Did anybody else turn the tv off? I have never done that in all of my 15 years of being a Bronco fan but they were just hurting my feelings I couldnt take it anymore!


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          Hey, it was an INDY cop that stopped a mob from kicking my ass and told me that a father and his kids were just mobbed coming off the elevator from the second level. So much crap all because of an Elway jersey. I can take a ribbing, but when you put your hands on me thats it. Anyway most of you colts fans were wimps anyway, throwing beer on someone and the running, or hey look an Elway jersey lets get 10 guys and beat him up. Indy fans have no class and they dont deserve a NFL franchise.


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            You wanna go to a nasty stadium with some unruly fans??? Try going into philly...I went to a game about 3yrs. ago , i was wearing my broncos jersey (and they weren't even playing them) the fans were yelling stuff that i didn't even know existed....They were yelling stuff at me for being a bronco fan,But the worst was a poor giants fan(whom they were playing that day) get spit on,beer spilt on him and taunted the whole game all 4qtrs....Why someone would dump a 7$ beer i'll never know !!!! PHILLY IS A BAD PLACEEEEE !!!!!!!!