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  • Originally posted by Stugotti
    what? Michael Dean came over from Cleveland in 95! he had nothing to do with the them losing 3 Superbowls before he even got there! granted he might have been there the year they played Jacksonville in the playoffs...but he wasn't there in 87, 88, or 90, when they lost those 3 Super Bowls

    HE as referring to us going to the '96 SB... before the '97 '98....we lost to Jax, thus not giving us THRee in a row. In '96, we were the best team in the league.


    • Romo WAS a good player to have at the time, but he is also a good player to hate.
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      • Originally posted by no-pseudo-fan
        Just wondering? I've been a Bronco fan since 83 when I was 6, and I have lived and died by every play since. I was watching a old game on ESPN classic the other day and I got to thinking about all the players, who I looked up to at the time, who just don't seem so great now that I look back. I believe that "Super"? Sammy Winder would be my choice, what was up with those banners for him. So what do think? I know everyone has one!
        Lol, Sammy Winder was not the greatest back of all time but he was not that bad, He was a 2 time Pro bowl Running back in the NFL in 1984 and 1986 , lol I liked the Mud dance in the end zone after he scored a T.D
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        • Eddie Kennison is easily my least favorite Bronco of all time. I very much dislike Deltha O'Neal as well.
          Damien Nash & Darrent Williams Forever Broncos.

          "He's such a pro. He's been everything you'd ever want as a player and then some." Mike Shanahan on Rod Smith

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          • Lyle Alzado. I hate that guy.


            • Originally posted by topscribe
              What? MA? That guy has more character in his little toe than all of the other guys mentioned here, put together, in their entire bodies! MA has done nothing but contribute. Yes, he had a little pot thing several years back, but nothing special came of it. And, believe me, with the way Shanny is, if it were serious, something would have come of it. The choice is yours, of course, but MA is one of my favorite players.


              "yes he had a little pot thing serval years back" <---means he liked to smoke majuarnia? I did not now about this. I wonder if he was when i seen him tear new orleans for over 250 yards. Maybe that's why he could run so good back then, he could see the holes better. Was in the groove. Unless you forget the play!

              But serioulsy though, i mean i can't sit back and be one of those fans that holds grudges vs good players for wanting to improve their contracts. I agree that it's a shame it goes on but this is the nfl. If it were a case like jovon walker and a greedy agent then yes that's crazy. You neeed to bring your lawyers. Once money is involved it's bussiness. But portis did contribtue and it was fun watching him run when he was here. I'll even say exciting.

              But above all i must agree with dale carter! I remeber thinking what a good team it was going to be going into the season. I think in everyones minds we expected him to play at a superstar level. We actually thought that with him this year we might be at SB. I remeber thinking that lol. Maybe it's not fair to dislike him or feel disappointed about carter because he was overhyped.

              So i guess the most hated bronco in my mind would be Eddie Kennison.
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              • tie between eddie kennison and romanowski

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                • Tony Dorsett by miles.
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                  • Monday Night

                    Originally posted by B4Bronco16
                    Bubby Brister was the man! Remember that game he ran for that 30 yard QB sneak for a td? Bubby was a killer, especially in the final years for elway!
                    It was a 48-yard bootleg... against the Chiefs at arrowhead on Monday Night... I was there... it was awesome... that was also the game that Derrick Thomas and Wayne Simmons got all those personal fouls against Shannon Sharpe in the 4th quarter.

                    Here's an eerie thing... both of those players were killed in car accidents.

                    There's your history lesson of the day from Champs Chumps... thanks for playing along....

                    Also--- Worst Broncos of all-time
                    Eddie Kennison (quitter)
                    Anthony Miller (has no SB rings... yet once ripped Elway for having none)
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                    • I may have a three way tie with Portis, Romo, and Sharp. Yes Shannon Sharp, any time a great retires and then immediately turns around and slams those we was working with just a year before, those who helped him finalize his legacy, well that is about the most classless a human can be. It reminds me of Elway who, even years after retiring, still remembers the hard times he had and has never once looked down on the current form of the broncos.

                      On the Mike Anderson deal, well the second hand smoke thing was lame, being a military man I expect more from him, but he has always played hard. And from what I understand Anderson hardly counts against our cap at all. Last year before the injury they forced him down to the veteran minumum (or close to that) and instead of fighting it or forcing a trade, he asked for one incentive. Allow him to compete for the starting HB position. That is a team player right there. He didn't ask to HAVE the starting slot, just to compete.