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    That avatar of Southstander's looks like a pretty official bust.



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      Originally posted by BroncoRT
      I know he has been a bust in many eyes for years, but I was hoping this year would be a breakout year for Middlebrooks. I thought he would be healthy and play well, but thats not to be. Then look at the players he was chosen ahead of in the 2001 draft and it will depress you. Ouch! Any way do you think he will do well in SF?
      Well, hard to tell. Delthea O'Neal was starting in Cincinnati back at CB last season and ended up with four picks, but the highlight reels of the games they lost often showed a TD pass that was completed against him as well.

      However, O'Neal had a good season, a Pro Bowl season to his credit before he went south as a DB. Willie can't be a "has-been" when he was pretty much a "never-was."

      Personally, I was glad to get rid of him and get someone who has been productive doing a good part of his NFL career.
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        Ultimately, Middlebrooks was Shanny's call but really it was Ray Rhodes pining for him if memory serves correct. After watching Brees in college, I almost crapped myself when we passed on him for Willie but who knows if Brees is a one year wonder? That list makes me sick to look at....


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          Not me. We can go to EVERY team in the NFL, and look at every draft, and see a LIST of people they passed on. Most of the GREATEST players in NFL history were not first round picks.. and even if they were..they weren't the #1 OVERALL pick... so most of them were passed on. Hindsight is always 20/20