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incredible safety's in the '04 draft?

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    im almost sure the starting safeties will be ferguson and kennedy. the starting corners will be Walls and Herndon. Walls ha splayed very well for a 1st year starter, and showed great man to man skills. Herdon is quick and can get INT's so they deserve to be the starters over some rookies. Any rookie we draft should NOT start ANYWHERE on the team. They have to put their time in to be useful. if we are staring rookies, it means we are in a rebuilding year, and we are not in a rebuilding year.
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      every year is a re-building year. every week is a rebuild from last week. if a rookie is on the team and he's a bad ass, i say start him! if we pick up a kick ass safety or corner that outshines what we have now... starting him wont mean we're "re-building" necessarily, it just means he earned the spot.
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        Hey! GODENVER

        I usually just go to any search engine on the internet and type in "2004 NFL Draft" to check on players of interest. That should get you to what you are looking for. There are some pretty good ones out there.

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          early talk has us looking for a corner in the 1st round, despite our poor evaluation of that position in previous years. tahts from sporting news (shrugs)

          would love Shaun taylor but hes going early