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Griese against the Colts

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  • Griese against the Colts

    I always thought Griese was a good quarterback but I was glad to see him leave the Broncos after last season. He generally had decent stats but seemed to find ways to lose the games, especially the important ones.

    Today in Miami against the Colts: 18/29 for 231, 1 TD 0 INT. Not bad. But watching that game reminded me of his days in Denver. A couple of poorly thrown passes that should have been intercepted but weren't. He fumbled twice and the second one ruined a gift by the Colts at the end of the game. Yeah you can say the fumbles weren't his fault because he was hit from behind but didn't this same stuff happen to him all the time in Denver?

    So, he looked good against the Chargers last Monday. But playing a good team today he reminded me of his Broncos days. Is he jinxed or what?
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    I thought I was having flashbacks. I knew that at the end of the game when it counted, he would fold like a card table. I liked him too when he was with the Broncs, but I was also glad to see him go. The announcers even said that even though he won games, Denver couldn't wait to unload him. I told my fish friends not to get too excited about last week - it was the Chargers for God sake...


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      I'm sorry but i hated Griese. I was so glad to see him go.


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        watching todays game (on gamecenter) i was thinking "finally, griese might be able to put together a come back and get over whatever haunted him in denver." then he fumbled. the thing is, even though it isn't really his fault, that ALWAYS seemed to happen to him. i like him, and i hope he turns out like his dad in miami, but today was just classic brian - it makes you think "well he played good so next week we'll win that one." but then you never do.
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          yeah F him

          hoep he has nightmare of Dwight Freeney, he was a madman


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            Will the drinking begin???

            I hope not.

            I really think he could get better and learn not to screw up if he could rally with his team...something he did not do in Denver. Who he turns to will be the key to what he turns to.

            Good Luck Brian!!!
            This is the NFL!!

            Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

            Go Broncos!!!!!!!


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              Its funny you started this cause I was thinking about the same thing when I was watching him. Stats dont show how bad I thought he really was. Same ol Griese, I just had to laugh. Everyone always wanted to say its cause he didnt fit in here, NO, its cause he is a loser, he has no heart, thats why he cant be a good QB. An NFL franchise Qb, must have heart and be a team leader, (Elway, Farve, etc.) Griese has neither quality.