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    Originally posted by BroncFanInPA
    I too lived in San Diego (6 years worth in the military). I can't say that I thought about the Chargers much, but it seemed like the locals didn't either. A very underwhelming level of enthusiasm, for the reasons you stated Jared. The most excitement I noticed was when it came to playing the Raiders, they only wanted the wins there. I didn't run into animosity as a Denver fan. Beautiful beaches + laid back attitude + lousy team ownership = a boat load of apathy

    I did too. San Diego is an awesome place, and is is evident during football season when you find the majority of fans down at the beach instead of watching the game. I probably would too.


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      LIve in cowgirl country when they had Jimmy as coach everyone in EL Paso was a fan after they started to lose they crawled back into their holes. ELP is like 600 miles from DAL, 700 from HOU.

      Now they seem to be supporting them again but not at the same level as before.

      Typical fairweather fans as anywhere.


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        Originally posted by silkamilkamonic
        I did too. San Diego is an awesome place, and is is evident during football season when you find the majority of fans down at the beach instead of watching the game. I probably would too.
        I loved living there, my second favorite place to be after Colorado.

        Originally posted by super_boltz
        You don't know anything about the San Diego Chargers fan base or the outlook of fans.
        I was there six years. I got to know a whole lot of people. I went to sports bars. I speak from my experience.

        You are probably a recent bandwagon jumper. By your first sentence, you are the most obnoxious charger fan I've talked to. With that type of attitude, you could be a transplant from Raider Nation.


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          I'm a San Diegan, and devout Bronco fan. I think I should clarify that there are actually two types of fans here in San Diego. There are the real fans, who really do care about the team, watch year in and year out, and were severely frustrated by the Spanos family and the bickering. These fans are often very realistic and pretty knowledgeable in what they talk about. They respect my love for the broncos and we get into enjoyable debates on football.

          However, with last season, that all changed as thousands upon thousands of band wagoners showed up. I had seen at most, only one charger jersey at my school, with a population of 2500. That is only one jersey on any given day. As soon as the Chargers were top of the division, and the Bronco game approached I saw hundreds of jerseys everywhere. Chants of go Chargers were shoved down my throat. Even more discouraging was I knew more about there team than these supposed "fans" did. I found solace and refuge in the groups of people present who actually knew about football.

          For instance, leading up to the big Charger/Bronco game, I encountered someone who continually told me that Denver was going to get annihilated because LT was gonna run all over them (he was wearing an LT jersey). I then asked him to name 11 players on his team. He came up with Brees, Gates, LT, and lastly Donnie Edwards before going blank. He then dissed me once more and left. After Denver lost, I received about 12 phone calls from people who know nothing of football and most likely have never watched football in their life.

          Raider fans are still worse (i'll save stories of that for another time), but I've grown a very strong dislike for these bandwagoner fans. They make real fans of the Chargers look real bad.


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            Originally posted by Calif. Bronco
            I'm not trying to turn this into a "Raiders fans in L.A." thread, but I can't resist. Denbros and BroncoRT are right - they are the absolute worst fans out there. When their team wins it's sickening, but when they lose it's worse. That's when I routinely here comments like "the other team cheated" "the refs don't like us" "the game was fixed", etc. I have never seen fans who were worse at refusing to acknowledge the inadequacies of their own team or give even the slightest amount of credit to the oppostion.

            Maybe it's just an L.A. thing. Does anyone on here live in the Bay Area? I'd be curious to know if they are like this in Oakland too.

            Yes...I live in the Bay Area...and let me tell you...the fans here are absolute morons. They always try and talk trash, but they don't know a damn thing about their own team. People just wear the jersey's because they like the colors and it is the "in-thing" around here. Not to mention there is high gang activity in many parts of the Bay Area...and while not all those who wear Raiders jerseys are in a gang, those who are affiliated with gangs here all wear Raiders "Garb---age"

            I have to say though, it has been fun pounding on these guys the last 10 years. We've dominated them for a while now. I can' t wait to see Moss go over the middle and get laid-out by D.J.!!!


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              I have lived in San Diego all my life, I'm only 20 but thats a pretty long time to be here. I have been a denver fan since i started watching football at like age 7. But I am also a Charger fan, except when they play the broncos. I have gone to the charger/bronco game here in SD the past 3 years and I always get loads of crap for some reason. But I have never seen more bandwagon fans than here. I remember at the beginning of the season when the cgargers started winning, almost all the fans were saying, "Oh it's the chargers they will choke, just watch." Well i watched them get to the playoffs with a home game, I also went to that game. It was a great atmosphere but it was clearly evident that they just knew nothing about the team. I just find it funny that people will talk all kinds of trash to me withouyt even knowing what to say. But thats San Diego for ya, if they start losing this year dont expect to see anyone at their games.


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                grew up NYC now live near philly

                Gowing up in NYC the giants were always the toast of the town and the jets are second banana. the media can be bad with any sport but since football is week to week the media will eat you alive.the radio sports talk shows in NYc can be brutal but i didn't think it could get any worse until i moved to south jersey and eagle country.

                The local media is pathetic. If a something really serious happens at any part of the world if the eagles win that takes pesidence. The eagles are more important than any real world emegency. That includes even local news cause if something serious happens in philly but the eagles win the eagles winning is the headline news. My fiance is a eagles fan but she couldn't believe how mixed the priorties are in this neck of the woods.

                As loyal as these fans are it just makes them just as bad. For three years their run ended in the nfc championship which was heartbreaking no doubt about it and last year a super bowl loss wat even worst.
                I had no problem with the eagles making the playoffs because they were that good but after 4 years making the playoffs with 3 of them having homefield lets act like you've been ther before and stop with the week long pep rally for a divisional playoff game. and when you have 3 year olds and 93 year olds singing that d*$n eagle song it can drive you nuts.

                That courtroom that was underneath the vet I believe is at the Linc too. not too sure.
                Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!


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                  well my name is caliraiderhater!!! i live in burbank cali! tons a faider fans so i just love to rub it in their face when we win! the charger fans arent that bad!.......... that still dosent mean that they are good! so i have to represent for my beloved broncos here in southern cali!


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                    nyc die hard broncos fan...


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                      I'm in the Reno area, and lots of fans of the Raiders of the Lost Cause... You see alot of Raider logos, mostly the one with their worthless helmet insignia...

                      Blind in one eye, a patch over the other one...

                      But fortunately, you see a lot of Bronx fans around too, so it is not completely the land of Moronia.

                      First rooted for the Broncos when Orange Crush was in play, especially hoping that they would have beaten the Plowboys (Rats!!!). Was really grateful to see Phillips go, ecstatic when Shanny came in, they finally got their SB wins. Loved the Drive, loved the Fumble. Not too many teams that are as CONSISTENTLY in the running like Denver.


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                        I live just east of kc, and dont believe anything anyone else says, the chief fans are vicous. I dont dare have any bronco anything on my vehicles, or house. I've gone to a hand full of bronco-chief games, and after every bronco loss, it's " You suck ! " from every drunk chief fan all the way back to the car. I cant talk about broncos for 30 sec to anyone wit out" plummer sucks ! " coming out withen the first min. Arrowhead is an awesome tailgate before the games,,,one year, we just tailgated, and snuck in the 3rd qtr, it was the game that went into o.t. , and the chiefs couldnt cover sharpe, broncos won,,must have been 1200 yrds offense between both teams. The local radio covers from topeka, to maryville, easst to columbia, ,,so when i get on, i take it for all i can. Chief fan is passionate, but thier team is alkways aboput the here and now,,,they have no idea about nfl eourpe, or what " player developement" means,,i've reminded the radio listening fan that this is the forst year vermille- peterson have not " sat on thier hands" and became pro-active with player position.
                        i became a bronco fan in 10th grade,when the broncos lost to the cowboys,,,,,,,

                        never switch teams


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                          I live in Appleton, WI, (30 miles south of Greeen Bay). Just moved here last fall. Grew up in Aurora, CO, went to Aurora Hinkley.

                          I admire Packer fans' gusto, but overall, they are far too jaded to make objective comments about their team. They are STILL ticked off at their team for dropping that Super Bowl to the Broncos because they feel the Broncs are inferior.

                          Most Packer fans think Favre is a far better QB than Elway was in his prime.

                          I'll be smack dab in the middle of cheeseland pullin' for the Broncs and the Buffs.


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                            In memphis, there is lots of titans talk. Although a VERY large portion of the city still hates the franchise. They were supposed to be in Memphis for at least 2 years (as the Tennessee oilers), but left for Nashville after only one. Lots of memphians hate the franchise for that move.

                            There are always going to be lots of your fans in tennessee that are, well, lets just say there first sport is nascar. you know what i mean. But all in all, everybody is pretty positive about the team. i went to the Broncos-Titans game on christmas last year in FULL broncos attire, and i didnt catch any crap from teh other fans. it was cool.
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                              im a denver fan in miami . i assume i wont be a popular guy after we spank the fins 32 - 10 lol

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                                I'm in Vancouver, WA which is about 160 mi from Seattle and there are as many Seahawk fans down here and in Portland as there is up in Seattle. The thing is they really hate Denver since we were division rivals and and in return I despise them. The best part about the Seachickens is that they have a stadium where I can go watch the Broncos when they play here once every five years. That dream was realized a couple years ago when I watched them spank the 'Gulls'. I arrived at the game with Seahawk fans but finished it sitting next to some diehard Bronco fans. BTW, I would say the Bronco fan base here is pretty large, I see people wearing Broncos stuff all the time.

                                Maybe someday I will move back to Denver, until then, I will be representing in the Pacific Northwest