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    The only game I've been to was the Broncs-Chargers game at Mile High where Junior "the Thug" Seau came in on a late hit and laid out Elway about three plays into the damn game. So much for seeing my idol play a whole game in person. At least Bubby came in and got it done and they went on to a championship. Even the 10 hour drive was still worth it. The fans at Mile High were awesome too.
    Kicking around, on a piece of ground, in your hometown;
    Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

    - Roger Waters


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      Originally posted by booher
      i've been to 2 broncos games first they lost in the playoffs at baltimore ........horrible experience......and second this year week 1 in cinci i had a great time at that one
      Hey i was at the game in cincinnati too maybe i saw you well i had a great time as it was my 1st broncos game but i was at 1 previous game a few years back, a steeler game


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        I've been to see the Rockies, Nuggets, Broncos, and Avs. The last Bronco game I went to was against Indy last year. It was freezing cold and I went with a friend of mine. In the 4th quarter, she wanted to leave. I didn't want to force her into staying, so we left. As we walked back to my car, I heard the crowd in an uproar. From that, I just knew something bad had happened. I learned from the radio on the way home that Indy ended up tying it and taking it to OT. Indy went on to win.