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Should the Broncos Draft A QB in the First Round Next Year?

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    Originally posted by mrsolo
    Well...while we're at it we might as well jump on to the 2007 draft. If it weren't for the fact that we'd have to finish close to dead last in 06 to get him, I'd say we take Adrian Peterson. OU homer...blah blah blah.....Can you imagine AD running behind the Broncos o-line? Talk about the ultimate one-cut take-it-to-the-house runner.

    Sorry....I get carried away when talking about drafts that are anywhere from 8 - 20 months away!!! lol

    I am all for Adrian Peterson being a Bronco....


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      positions, not individuals yet

      There is talent out there. Personally I like Leinart and Leak, but it is way too early to be thinking about who to draft specifically. There is almost an entire season ahead.

      Speaking of positions, either through draft, FA, or trade, I think that we should address QB (unless BVP steps up huge), WR (R. Smith isn't a youngster and Lelie is a deep threat but hasn't shown to be able to fill Smith's shoes on short/mid routes), and Safety. I think our O-line will improve as the season progresses.
      He loved that moment just as the unit was leaving camp, locked and loaded for bear. It was the end of thinking, worrying, imagining . . . He relied on his training, worked on instinct and reflex. "You're so alert," he says. "Everything matters and none of it is under your complete control, and you're counting on muscle memory, and after that all you have is this absolute trust in the man next to you, and all he has is you."

      -Excerpt from "Damage Control" by Eric Neel, ESPN