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  • Good Week

    Just wondering if anyone on these boards actually sits near me in the nosebleeds!! I am on the TOP row of the stadium! =P

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    i always went in the south stands. what ever the part that was separate
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      Re: Anyone around section 535?

      Originally posted by Perry1977
      Just wondering if anyone on these boards actually sits near me in the nosebleeds!! I am on the TOP row of the stadium! =P
      Perry I am looking at buying season tickets in Section 528, row 20, seats 7,8,9 and I will be sitting in those seats for the Chicago Game. I don't know if I want to buy them at that level.

      I normally sit in the south stands, section 229, row 24 and I really like those seats. Even though they are not mine, I can get whatever game I want at the first of the season from these people and up to 4 seats. I normally go to one pre-season game and three normal games.

      Is there any advantage to sit in the 5th level?? Right now I don't know why I want to buy these tickets and am leaning on not buying them... I know you can upgrade but I hear, that it is difficult to get lower if you are on the fifth level. I would welcome feedback from anyone on this forum that has season tickets???!!!
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        Ravens game

        The Ravens game had 7 bad calls and no calls. I swear I saw many things gotten away with including pass interference, holding, off sides, etc... The only uglier game was the Saints game. Both had the worst officiating I have seen ever.


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          Re: Whining Gelding fans

          1) It's natural to complain after a game when officiating doesn't go your way. Bad calls are a part of football but I DO wish we could let these things go a week after the fact.

          2) Shanahan failed to include Elway on the injury list years ago and got fined for it. He hasn't made that mistake since. Shanahan fibbed about Plummer's injury DURING a game to the media but there was NO rule concerning that.

          Now, if your team's coach, Vermeil or whoever, had been in the same situation would you be critical of this move? You have two QB's active, the starting QB separates his shoulder and can't throw the ball, the other team doesn't know that. If your remaining QB goes down and you have to reinsert your non-throwing starter the defense will COMPLETELY disregard your passing game and your running game will do NOTHING. Do you really want to announce to your opponent that the guy can't throw so they can completely shut you down? So he attempted a little misdirection that ended up pointless since his backup played the rest of the game. Shanny admitted what he did after the game and the NFL did NOT fine him because there was no rule prohibiting what he did. He simply protected his team within the confines of the rules as they existed.

          3) Our O-line holds more than any in football? What kind of unfounded complaint is that? What data to you have to back it up? If it was known that one team holds more than the rest of the league, don't you think the NFL would tell its officials to watch that team closer and call more penalties? No, you're right, the NFL actually likes the Broncos more than anybody else and purposely allows them to get away rules violations. Or is this complaint really just some bitterness on your part toward the Broncos?

          4) Portis is questioning the play-calling and passing execution so the Broncos are imploding!! Heh, the Broncos passing game has obviously been struggling with our QB injuries. Portis is a running back so his predictable solution is to run the ball more. If teams imploded every time an offensive star suggested he should get the ball more, there would be no good teams left.
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            AFC or NFC??????

            i think the AFC is the much better conference but do ya'll agree? (i would be very surprised if some1 picked the NFC)


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              Re: Still whining

              Dude, I agreed with you that complaining about these things a week later is unnecessary. But you seem to imply that this unnecessary whining is unique to fans of the Denver Broncos. It isn't. And if you weren't just here to razz said Broncos fans, you would probably admit that.

              I've also stated in other posts that it sucks when there are blatant bad calls that go against your team but that one or two bad calls shouldn't make or break your game. If we'd made other plays we wouldn't have had to worry about the bad calls.

              Just about every football fan understands that holding goes uncalled on every team in every game. My dispute with your post was your implying that the Broncos' "O-line holds more than any offensive line in football." I'm just asking how you can reasonably make a statement like that.
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              "You can't take the sky from me..."
              "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding"


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                I think the AFC is alot better. This year so far the record for the AFC is 60-58 and the record for the NFC is 56-58.


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                  Good Week

                  Wasn't a bad football week to watch.

                  Cinci lost
                  San diego lost
                  Raiders lost
                  KC didn't play
                  Vikings lost

                  Griese has a safety against him, and fumbles away the Dolphins chance to win.
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                    I'd rather know the head to head record of AFC teams vs NFC teams....anyone?

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                      I think we're in 539 for tonights Patriots game.


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                        I don't know, you make lots of good statements about how the refs are there to guarantee the outcome.

                        Team X needs a new stadium.
                        Team X gets new uniforms
                        Team X wins back to back super bowls
                        Team X gets a new stadium

                        I guess team X didn't really win those Super Bowls. It is pretty clear that they were given the wins to boost the fan base.
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