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Our offensive line??

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  • Our offensive line??

    Hey broncofans, do you think that our offensive line could still be good and cohesive next season without gibbs?? I think that shanny should do everything possible to try to keep him. But shanny has agreed to allow gibbs to explore other coaching options. So, my question is, do we have a suitable replacement that can still coach our offensive line as good as gibbs, or our we doomed?

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    The O Line will be fine. You lose the coach, but you don't forget how to play. We have enough vets that can show leadership and get the job done.
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      rick dennison is our o-line coach but i beleive gibbs is essential to our o-line we have to keep him especially if foster starts next year in place of salaam....


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        Maybe Shanahan can replace Gibbs with Greg Robinson. He might make a hell of an offensive line coach. I mean really he's spent the better part of the last 2 seasons watching how offensive lines can push a defense around.
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          You have a good shot at getting JOHN TAIT, looks like the CHIEFS won't be able to re-sign him!
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            Originally posted by dhall26
            You have a good shot at getting JOHN TAIT, looks like the CHIEFS won't be able to re-sign him!
            yeah but for how much?
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              Since Dennison moved from Special Teams coach to O-line coach I think he's been a student of the Gibbs system. Maybe Shanny feels that Dennison has learned enough to be on his own; with a chance to be similarly successful while out from under the tutelage of Gibbs. Let's hope, anyway.
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                Ahh, little grasshopper, you have learned much. But I am the master.

                I still feel uncomfortable with Dennison taking over without Gibbs. I didn't think that he was a good Special Teams coach, and I am not sure that he will be a good line coach. Does anyone know how long he has been working with Gibbs? And why is Shanny so loyal to him? Don't ask, don't tell.
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                  Something tells me that Shanahan knew this day was coming; whether it was going to be Gibbs' age or his appeal; someday the Broncos were going to be without him. He must have felt that Dennison was the best fit. Maybe Gibbs and Dennison have a connection/relationship that was condusive to successfully passing on the torch. I'm not sure, but I just hope that our O-line continues to be regarded as one of the best for years to come. Then, and only then, we'll know about Dennison. One thing for sure is that Gibbs has proven that he's one of the best. We've been blessed to have him in our organization.
                  Winter is Coming!