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    I'd go with Gradishar,Mecklenberg, Al Wilson, T.J.


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      Originally posted by jdslick
      Thoughts on Rush Limbaugh aside, why would that have anything to do with how he played football.
      Exactly.He was the emmotional leader of that defense and thats just how T.J. is. Besides,he's entitled to his opinion.


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        Re: Re: Broncs Lb's

        Originally posted by thesaint
        Who is Michael Haynes? I remember a CB named Mark Haynes, but I dont know who Michael is. Maybe Michael Brooks? He was a good one.
        Gradishar, Jackson, and Meck have to be the best ever.
        Any of the four from '77 were great, Jackson, Gradishar, Joe Rizzo and Bob Swenson were an amazing linebacker unit.
        You're right it was Brooks. Sorry about that, I'm on the midnight shift right now. Not of sound mind.
        Karl Mecklenburg 77 should be in the HOF!!


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          I disagree, having a Super Bowl ring does go along way in getting players into the HoF now. Gradishar had 10 straight seasons of 200 or more tackles its NFL record he certainly deserves to be in the Hall. My comment concerining Elway is that with his induction the Hall voters may look more closely at some players from Denver's past. Woody Paige who writes for the Denver Post seems to think so as well. Btw he is also one who votes on the induction of players to the Hall. I just read an article in the Denver Post today that speculates that because Randy does not have ring that he might not be getting into the Hall.
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          John 11: 25-27

          My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

          Thanks Snk16