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  • Shanny

    Clearly Elam Injury cost us the damn game.. We couldnt do to win this game cause we didnt have a kicker.. we had to punt the damn ball on the what was it? 30? No choices available.. And Elams miss fieldgoal aswell.. We couldnt play this game cause of that..
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    Were going to need one strong 2nd half of the season.. But with Plummer, Mc and others comming back next game we might go out good.. Kannel played great today.. Everyone played great.. Elam injury left us with absolutely no choices..


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      yeah, and neither do Chiefs fans....

      sorry about this loss... at least you wont lose next week.

      5-4 at the bye... just like I called it.
      [nelson] Hah Hah! [/nelson]


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        We are DONE!! THREE STRAIGHT LOSSES.. MAN THIS TICKS ME OFF!!!! Better start thinking to next year AGAIN...and AGAIN and AGAIN....


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          Chiefs shouldnt even be here nemore.. You got the division 95% sure.. Its a race for the wildcard for us now.. Congrats Chiefs.. God i wish all these injuries wouldnt have happend.. we were doing so great..


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            How can you blame the loss because of Elam being out?? Shanny is the worse coach in history. They don't even give their MVP player the ball when it matters most. They let some NFL reject throw the ball


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              God this game was so important..k im out .. need to study.. ill cya guys..

              COMMON BRONCOS!!! WELL GET THERE!! LETS GET SOME WINS AFTER THE BYE.. ULL GET THE SNAKE BACK.. Stay healthy and plz dont get injured falling off the bed or something during the bye week *rollseyes*
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                Thanks for the effort Kanell

                You got to admit, this guy did ok with what he little he has to work with. Recievers with stone hands just doesnt make it easy for any QB. I tip my hat to this third stringer for playing about as good as you could expect out of a guy in his position. I mean, starting this team just weeks ago. Cant expect much better than his performance tonight.
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                  Re: Re: This is pathetic..

                  Originally posted by horseface
                  no...Shanahan doesn't want you to win...this loss goes directly on his shoulders. Never have I seen worse play calling to run the clock out.

                  yeah. I am not sure whats up. This is like high school football elementary stuff.

                  Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                  The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
                  You should check these guys out


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                    This loss is not on his shoulders at all.


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                      Originally posted by Timmy87
                      This loss is not on his shoulders at all.
                      True that...


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                        I thought he played pretty well. It was great to see him bootleg.


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                          Three passes on 3rd and <insert number below 4>?

                          Is that the way you take the pressure off your QB?

                          Mike is fake just let those teeth of his.

                          Like a said...anybody want a football autographed by all the broncos? cause that is going in the trash in the morning when the trashmen come by.
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                          Take care of business Broncos.


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                            Shanahan needs a team full of pro bowlers to do anything

                            This guy has not proven he can lead a top notch team with out a bunch of super stars saturating his roster. I am getting sick of this
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