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    Champ Bailey, he put it all in motion.
    Manning to Thomas ev'ry day, all day.


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      champ, no doubt in my mind that was great when that int happened.


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        Originally posted by BroncosB2B
        Champ. His INT sparked the turnaround in the second half.
        Absolutely! We looked flat until then. He fired up the defense and they started playing like we expected them to before the season. I've got a feeling our D will have to play like they did in the second half all season to keep our playoff hopes alive. Our division is a killer right now.


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          Originally posted by AsianOrange
          My pick...

          Darrent Williams: He sparked up the defense in more ways then just making some huge play on special teams.
          Damn, so many.

          Champ maybe? He really sparked the D with that return. It'd between either him or Darrent Williams.


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            Game Ball to....

            Champ Bailey! I was not a big fan of the Portis/Bailey trade, but I am beginning to see the light. That INT fired up the defense and helped get the job done.
            Proud Bronco fan since 1975. I just wish every football player out there today was more like my man Rod Smith. Knowing we will never see him on the field again is very hard. He gave everything he had and left his guts on the field. I will miss him.


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              Champ for the INT & TD that sparked the defense.

              Al Wilson who was all over the place and led the team with 10 tackles.
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                Amen to that. Probably the dumbest penalty I've ever seen.
                Must I remind us of the "Improper fair catch signal" against Rod Smith in Super Bowl 32?

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                  1. Al Wilson

                  2. Champ Bailey

                  3. Darrent Williams
                  4. Jason Elam- The game winner!


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                    Jake kept us in the game, with out him it would have been all over. 23 of 37 248 yards would have had 300+ and a TD but a head salp and a holding call by foster and cooper called a TD to PUTZ back.

                    The running game sucked, blocking was so so, the defense after the TWO EASY TD's started to play like they should have in the first quarter.

                    So game ball to Jake/Rod for keeping us in the game and the defense. With a mini-ball to Sauerbrun for some great sideline punting. Putting the ball near or on the sideline so it could not be returned easily.

                    Still have a problem in the redzone, with no big Oline to bull doze hole to run behind.

                    Bone head awards to the morons that got flagged for being on the field during the runback.

                    BTW whoever was asleep on the second LT TD run shoulld be fined for sleeping on the field, I think it was 55 looking inside while LT walked in from his side of the field.
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                      I cant pick one

                      Champ-for the INT that sparked that turnaround
                      Dayne for the hard running
                      Darrent-that spark
                      Mike Shannahan-that fake hb toss was genius


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                        Originally posted by T55Bird
                        Champ Bailey! I was not a big fan of the Portis/Bailey trade, but I am beginning to see the light. That INT fired up the defense and helped get the job done.
                        While it might have been a spark the defense for all intents and purposes shut the dolts down from right after LT's second TD'run till their last series they had the ball.

                        Lets see.

                        3 and punt

                        1 interception for TD

                        4 and punt had a penalty in this one or it wuld have been 3 and out.

                        3 and fumble by breeze

                        5 and punt

                        4 and punt

                        3 and punt

                        8 and 42 yard field goal LAST SERIES

                        After looking at it perhaps it was the spark! I think however that MIkey at half time might have been the answer also.


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                          I would have to give it to champ because his INT got the team fired up, Darrent would be my second person because he was all over the place after that punt return.
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                            Go agree with CHAMP.

                            He made the play that got us fired up and turned around.

                            That led to the D making plays.

                            It flowed over to special teams

                            and led the the WIN!
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                              Definitely Champ Bailey. He got everything going, especially the defense. Btw, until the last quarter the only ones to put points on the board were the defense and the special team. An outstanding job by the defense. Thanks for the win!
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                                Originally posted by PatrickdaDookie
                                Must I remind us of the "Improper fair catch signal" against Rod Smith in Super Bowl 32?
                                Actually that was not even the worst too many men on the field penalty in Broncos history. That honor goes to the Jacksonville playoff game where the other the penalty gave the other team a first down and they finished their drive and won the game. Sigh.