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    Originally posted by AsianOrange
    The broncos were no names too in 97.
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      Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69
      Huh?'s not like we had any Super Super stars! Rod Smith is still to this day unheard of to people and all we had was Elway and Terrell I think our team had creditbility but no names as well.

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        Please God don't let the Pats win the Superbowl!! AGAIN


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          Pats should win. I'll watch but I don't really care either way, just don't want to see another SB blowout game.
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            I am sticking with my pick.



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              patsies- 10


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                I'd really like to see the Panthers pull this one out, but I think it will be hard for them. Patriots are just an exceptional team... Although... The Panthers aren't to shabby themselves... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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                  I'll admit it that I truely thought the Pats would lose their game with Indy. In retrospect, the Pats deserved the win... but I was very displeased with the officiating in this game. I know that calls are missed on every Sunday, but I was alarmed at the number of missed calls that seemed to be one sided in this particular game.

                  All this being said, I had initially planned to root for the Colts throughout the rest of the playoff games. With them being eliminated, I'm rooting for the Panthers. I think they are currently the under dogs, but I gotta give Jake Delohme kudos for what he's done with the team this year. Coming in off the bench as a back up, he brought this team ( along with help from a strong defense ) to the big game. Regardless of the outcome.... they did very well this year.

                  Nuff said...

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                    I am going to have to go against the grain on this one. Put me down for the Patriots.

                    I wanted the Colts to win it all for Peyton. I would have never dreamed that the Patriots would beat Manning and CO like they did, but it gave me a new found respect for the Patriots.

                    They have a winning streak going that will be hard to break. They just find a way to win just like in Denver.

                    Sure we hurt ourselves that game, but they also made some of their own breaks just like they did against the Colts.

                    I am really impressed with Law and Poole is a mis-placed Bronco that did really well also.

                    I have never had faith in Brady, but he does look good and he seems to be a good quarterback and he did beat out Drew Bledsoe.

                    Carolina in it's first superbowl, with a new head coach, most of the players do not have Superbowl experience, I cannot see them winning it, even though I would like to see them win it.

                    Logically I must go with the Patriots, even though my heart says Colts.

                    As for a score I think it will be in the Twenties on the Patriots side.
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