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Wilson to Pro Bowl

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    Originally posted by dhall26
    Can I ask, have they touched Marvin Harrison yet or is he still running???!!! Curious mind wants to know!!
    that's funny coming from somebody who's team can't seem to win a playoff game especially in the ever so tough featherhead stadium, umm what is it now like 3 straight one & done's at home wow that's something to be proud of!


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      I think it is great that Al Wilson is going to the Pro-Bowl, he deserves it. His playing and leadership is a must on the Defense.

      From what I understand the last statement Mike Shanahan said about Wilson is they will not let him go, even if they have to slap the franchise tag on him to keep him.

      Denver has done that before to others. Didn't Jason Elam get the franchise tag on him and then get a new contract the following year? That makes a lot of business sense.
      Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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        i know if we fail to sign wilson during negoations we can put the franchise tag on him n will not lose him....but mayb dungy is tryin 2 recruit him to indy they want a play maker at MLB but it wont b wilson.....sign the man shannyyyyyyy