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Shannon Sharpe...Retiring?

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  • Shannon Sharpe...Retiring?

    C'mon Shannon.............Give me another year!!!!!!! I kNOW you can do it! Don't leave me now, after all we've been through!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I will miss you TOO much! My heart belongs to #84
    They will watch them from home.
    They will lose before the SB.
    They will go to Houston and lose.
    World Champs baby.

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    I'm getting a feeling.

    I just read the ESPN piece about Shannon hinting at retirement. Even getting to the superbowl seems like a struggle from here but I feel that the team is like CP in a way. We have had good and bad games this year just like CP will have rins of 1, 2, -1, and 0 yards and then go to the house the next second. If we get to the playoffs I feel like whoever faces us will really not take us seriously. But then again I don't have a lot of concrete evidence to back this up. But I sure as hell have a feeling.
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      Sharpe retiring this Sunday???

      DENVER -- There's a good chance Shannon Sharpe will play his last game in Denver this weekend. He seriously considered retiring this past offseason and has hinted that he won't be back for another year.

      Just don't expect him to get teary-eyed. There's too much at stake now to start worrying about the future.

      "I know that this game is the most important one of our season because if we don't take care of business here nothing else really matters after that," Sharpe said. "I'm not really worried about whether I'm going to play another home game. I know I have one left, and we'll deal with anything that comes after that."

      If it is Sharpe's final home game, he will have given Broncos fans plenty to remember.

      He's the league's all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns for a tight end. Sharpe also played on Denver's two Super Bowl-winning teams and has been a vocal leader in the Broncos' locker room throughout his career.

      And he's still at the top of his game at 35.

      Sharpe is second in the league among tight ends with 52 receptions, two behind Kansas City's Tony Gonzalez, and has 648 yards receiving with eight touchdowns.

      Last week, he caught six passes to become the first tight end to eclipse 800 receptions and became just the fourth player in league history -- and the first tight end -- to catch 50 passes in 11 straight seasons. Sharpe can also become the first tight end to reach 10,000 yards receiving with 67 yards Sunday against Cleveland.

      But even with those accomplishments this season, it's another area that Sharpe has been most proud of.

      "I've been really pleased the last month with the way I've played overall," he said. "Maybe I've had better numbers as far as catching the football, but I don't know if I've blocked any better in the last month of the season than I have at any point in my career."

      In other Broncos news, Reuben Droughns, who hasn't practiced this week because of a sprained ankle, is improving and the Broncos are hoping he'll be able to play against the Browns.

      Droughns was injured in last Sunday's 45-27 win over the Chiefs and spent the early part of the week on crutches. He didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday but is expected to give it a try Friday.

      Rod Smith returned to practice Thursday after sitting out Wednesday with the flu.


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        No. Shannon Sharpe IS NOT Retiring this sunday. it will be his last Game in denver though. our last two games are away. hopefully shannon sharpe thinks it over and comes back another year.



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          he's the best TE in football and will be missed in Denver. but if shannon feels it's time to retire....then so be it. it's his body and mind and he knows when he's through.


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            If that's the case, then Shannon Sharpe needs one more SB ring before he goes out...
            Fending off Chefs left and right since 1980.


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              If Shannon's hinting at retirement, then that's our good luck charm. One more SB ring for the Sharpe man!
              Fending off Chefs left and right since 1980.


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                Well we'll know if he's retiring; every single pass will go to him.

                Elvon Millervil eat grues for breakfast.

                Pey-Pey to Bey-Bey for the Tey-Dey.


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                  Shannon Sharpe's Last Game?

                  Hey All, I'm new here, but just read on ESPN's page that Sharpe is considering retiring again? Now, I'm a die hard Chiefs fan, but also a fan of the game. Funny thing is my second favorite team is the Broncos, as I have family in Denver. Sure makes you sad to think that you may lose such an AWESOME player like Sharpe!

                  Good luck against the Browns!


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                    Welcome to the board!

                    Your 1st team is the Chiefs and your 2nd team is the Broncos? Wow! That's surprising, especially this season since the rivalry seems to have been amped up a few notches.

                    Sharpe has not actually declared his retirement after this season, but his comments on the subject seem to point toward retirement. He has said things like "I want to go out on top of my game," and "My decision is already made." I hope he doesn't, but I think he will.


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                      Yeah strange, I know, being a fan for both. Like the old saying goes, "My two favorite teams are the Chiefs and whoever plays the Raiders!"

                      Seiously, I just laugh at all of the hype. I mean its a game. Football is football and Fans are fans. Each fan has passion for their own team and I think it is great. What I don't like, however, is seeing all of the posts where people take the trash talking (smack) to the next level and make it personal. As I said before, its a game. I love my Chiefs and you love your Broncos.

                      BTW, you all looked sweet at our last meeting. You were clicking on all aspects of the game. I hope you make the playoffs, as you have encountered some rough going this year. Who hasn't huh?!

                      Good Luck against the Browns. Maybe we'll see you all at Arrowhead in January?



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                        Sharpe will go out on top just like John...

                        The "New Black Sabbath"


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                          I think that it's up to the fans and the rest of the team to allow Shannon to get ring #4.
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                            78 PLEASE!


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                              Shannon Sharpe?

                              I was just curious is this guy coming to the end of his contract or has he signed for a long term? Also what other players on your team are at the end of a contract, if any?