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    Patriots didn't play a perfect game either

    The game started out with two quick turnovers which we got one touchdown and a missed FG. the pats had no running game.
    the denver punter kicked a Fg that was not expected. that defense was letting a third string QB move the ball on them at times so they were not dominating especially if portis still got over 100 yards on them. YES YES YES we lost and they outplayed in certain apects of the game but don't make it seem like the dominated the broncos so i will give them props for winning but i take my chances with denver and plummer at the helm next time they play.
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      Tonight's game was lost due to not having a kicker
      Seems like someone should teach Knorr how to kick a field goal for such cases. That or get a back up FG kicker ... is that so radical? A back up FG kicker?! Esp. how crucial FG's are in the NFL.

      Wow, I actually agree with horse for once! lol.
      Sure, I think Denver still has a playoff chance. its slim, but still there. Although at this point i'll just be happy if we beat KC. That way if KC goes on to win the Bowl we can say we at least split the regular season with them. Oh yeah, that and if we beat up on Oakland again. Beating up on Oakland is always good for lifting one's spirits lol.
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        No Genius!!!


        I must admit that when Mike came to Denver I thought the world of him. But, over the last 4 years, I think that he needs to go. Last night was icing on the cake. Remember, we had a two-timw defending champion. If Bill Parcells can keep getting hired by the worst teams in league and turn them around in two years or less than what is Mike doing. Parcells philosophy is clock management, limt turnovers, and solid defense. When his players stink, he let's them and the rest of the world know. Anyone can look good when they have a HOF in Johnny Ballgame, but minus John we are barely over 500, 1 playoff appearance, quarterbacks falling over dogs, etc. That is one or two players. The 49ers lost Joe and Roger Craig and Lott and yet were still making the playoffs for years afterwards. I think it is time for a new coach and I said that last year after the Indy game in which we lost the same way; poor clock management.


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          yeah, PG i think if we stink again next year ... shanny's head might be on the block. But, like someone else said ... he just signed a big, new contract. Love him or hate him we are stuck for awhile.
          "If God isn't a Bronco fan, why are sunsets Orange and Blue??"