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    Broncos announce 'necessary' ticket increase

    By Adam Schefter
    Denver Post Sports Writer

    HOUSTON - Despite failing to win a playoff game since January 1999, the Broncos are raising ticket prices on more than half the seats at Invesco Field at Mile High for the second consecutive season.

    Last year most of the lower-level ticket prices were raised. This year upper-level prices will be more expensive.

    A letter mailed to season ticket-holders Thursday outlined the $5 to $6 price increase for fans who sit primarily in the upper deck.

    Field-level south end zone seats will go from $54 to $60. Those are the only field-level seats subject to increase.

    Upper-level seats between the 20-yard lines will go from $48 to $54. Upper-level seats from the end zone to the 20-yard lines will go from $46 to $52. Upper-level north end zone seats will go from $30 to $35.

    "This is a necessary step we had to take as an organization to ensure that we put the best team on the field," Joe Ellis, the Broncos' executive vice president of business operations, said Thursday. "Ticket price increases are never met with glee by our season ticket-holders, and they never will be. But I will say that given that fans want and desire the same thing the organization does - to win championships - they may not like the increases, but generally they're fair and understanding as to why they have to occur."

    Last year the Broncos' tickets were the eighth-priciest in the NFL. Broncos vice president of public relations Jim Saccomano estimated this year's increases will leave the team ranking between seventh and 10th. Not all teams have announced their ticket pricing plans for 2004.

    A sampling of season ticket-holders indicated displeasure with the price increase.

    "I'm not happy with it," said Gary Penfield, a government worker who lives in Highlands Ranch with seats in section 524 that went up $5. "I said that I would withstand the price increase when it went from $28 to $30. Now they're going up again. And the likelihood is they will continue going up.

    "Will I get them at $35? Probably. But if they go up much more than that, I will stop getting them. But I don't know how much of a difference it makes. If I don't get them, somebody else will. But it doesn't make me happy, especially with the product the Broncos have put out the last few years."

    During the past five seasons, the Broncos have advanced to the postseason twice, neither time winning a playoff game. Yet Ellis said the organization needed to up its prices.

    "We took a long, hard look at this, analyzed it to every extent and we feel the prices are fair, commensurate with the value received for an NFL season ticket," Ellis said.

    Saccomano argued that, "Our season tickets are a great value compared around the NFL or to other sports around Denver."

    Saccomano said the lower-bowl seats for Broncos games cost $72 or $78, whereas similar seats at an Avalanche game cost $128 or $154, and similar seats at a Nuggets game cost $67 or $81.

    But this did not pacify some of the anger Broncos fans felt when they learned of the price hike.

    "Again?" said Fred Pasternak of Denver, who owns three pawn shops in the Denver area and has two tickets in section 515.

    Then Pasternak told his son, Scott, who owns 12 season tickets that will go up $6 apiece, that the Broncos were raising prices.

    "I'm not really happy about it," Scott Pasternak said. "Every year it feels like it goes up. It'll probably never stop."


    After 11 seasons with the Broncos, Doug West is leaving his job as equipment manager to become an NFL footwear specialist for Reebok.

    The Broncos have promoted Chris Valenti to head equipment manager, general manager Ted Sundquist announced. Valenti spent the past seven seasons in a similar role with the Broncos.

    Broncos ticket price increases apply to the following:

    Field-level seats / 2003 2004

    South end zone $54 $60

    Upper-level seats / 2003 2004

    Between 20-yard lines $48 $54

    End zone to 20-yard lines $46 $52

    North end zone $30 $35,...924264,00.html

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    And Hot Dogs are still 20 bucks!

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      Yep, pretty much.
      Which is why I just fill up at the tailgate. I've never bought a beer inside of the stadium. I have bought 1 cup of hot cocoa (which I technically didn't buy--my friend bought it for me) at the bears game & a lemonade at one of the pre-season games, I believe, but I could have that confused with something else.

      I make sure to bring a bottle or two of gatorade still sealed with me to the game...That way they can't take it away from me & I get to have a drink during the game.


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        thats freakin dumb, only people allowed to go to a denver game is rich people
        dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

        I tried to warn ya.


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          Originally posted by Return of Lava
          thats freakin dumb, only people allowed to go to a denver game is rich people
          Our prices are still lower than the Raiders, so I can't really complain!

          Best bet to attend a home Broncos game is to snag the "Half price tickets" and bring your own food & drinks. They have some rules about what you can & can't bring into the stadium though, so make sure you check those out. I know where you can park for free, to save a few dollars (like 40 dollars) on parking & then there are always a ton of tailgates that you can attend--Some are "private parties" and will charge you admission, others are "welcome anyone, just donate a few bucks to keep the party going" type of affairs (which are the kind I attend) or there are even some that don't even want you to donate the money, they just want everyone to go into the game LOUD & PROUD to be a Broncos fan!


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            like what rules, I want to get those tickets
            Sprite? Good. You mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down with?


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              Originally posted by broncosbeast
              like what rules, I want to get those tickets
              Well let's see here...

              1) with the half-price tickets, you *have* to pick them up at the will call window. You have to go directly into the game from there, so make sure that you are ready to go in.

              2) The list of what you can & cannot bring into the stadium is at I believe... Basically, you can't bring bells, noisemakers, flags or signs that are on sticks, laser pointers, knives, glass bottles, cans, larger coolers or bags, hard sided bags (ie coolers or cases that have a hard plastic side, etc), open containers or self-packed drinks, etc.


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                I love my tickets, but I hate to see the price jump on them again.

                Oh well save up some more money.

                I will have to tell the people also that buy them from me.

                What that really means is 100.00 more per season if you own two tickets. 200.00 if you own four.
                Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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        's annoying, but to see the game live, it's so worth it. I don't know about the 20$ hotdogs & beers...Have to take a loan out just to enjoy refreshments at the games.

                  Which brings up an interesting subject. My sig other got a book for Christmas from my sis/bro-in-law with the history of the Broncos. Back in the 60's, there was a local bank that offered an interest free loan to purchase Broncos tickets with...Where are those loans today?