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    Originally posted by portisistheman
    The helicopter play WAS in the first SB win for the Broncos. (Packers)
    Um...yeah. That's why I said it was one of the many reasons why it continues to be my favorite Super Bowl.


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      So many how do you choose?

      John made the edge of every fan's seat wear out . He was so creative, explosive, determined...I just want to say that We Bronco fans enjoyed more minutes of football (down to the last) per game than any other. We got four full quarters of excitement everytime he played and his lack of injury just made it most awesome!!!!

      Pardon me. Just lost in this excellent post!

      Thanks J Elway!!!!
      This is the NFL!!

      Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

      Go Broncos!!!!!!!


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        There are so many memories of the times of John Elway. From seeing him in training camp at Greeley to being able to see him in his comebacks at Mile High, but my greatest memory is not about John Elway the “football player”, but it is John Elway the “person”.

        One of the most recent memories which my family and I will share for a lifetime was being able to shake John Elway’s hand, talk with him, and take family pictures with John at the Cherry Creek Mall.

        My wife and I, a week before he came to the Mall saw that sign on Hyde Park Jewelers that John would be there the next weekend.

        The next Saturday became a road trip for our family. We got into Mall right when it opened and lined up in front of Hyde Park Jewelers about two hours early. We were about 10th in line at that time. We talked with other fans in line about all the memories we had of John Elway and what he meant to Denver.

        About 30 minutes before John Elway was to see the people we were told there were not going to be any autograph's given, but that was O.K. because it was going to be great just to talk to him, even though it would have been nice to get an autograph... (I already had a signed ball from Training Camp in Greeley, one of my prized possessions.)

        15 minutes before the line was able to go in John appeared and everybody went "nuts". It was like a dream come true for my family, especially my wife.

        Finally it was our turn, and they let my whole family go in. We were able to shake John's hand and let him know how much we appreciated him. We took several family pictures and individual pictures of the event. He put his arm around my wife and kids and it was a great experience.

        I really appreciate being able to see this side of John Elway and it has been an experience my family and I will never forget.

        It was worth the drive from Loveland, the two hours standing in line, and the great reminiscing with the people around us on how great John Elway was.

        It was the end of a PERFECT DAY.
        Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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          Originally posted by Ryos
          Um...yeah. That's why I said it was one of the many reasons why it continues to be my favorite Super Bowl.
          Forgive me, from the way it was worded, I took it as a seperation of the two events.
          Originally posted by boltzpride619
          What's so funny is seeing all this mess that the Donks and the fans have placed on themselves. Can you say Raiders.

          Originally posted by RunByDesign
          True comedy is observing the Self Imploding Organization that is the Raiders and then asking yourself this question:

          What separates them (Raiders) from us (Chargers)

          Answer: Championships.