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Get well/hopes and prayers to Dwayne Carswell Thread

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    Get well wishes from Akron, Ohio

    Dwayne, get well soon! May the good lord bless & keep you and your family. See you back on the field next year! Stay strong!
    Go Broncos!!!


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      Get Well Soon Dwayne!!!


      As a long time Bronco fan I have followed your entire career and hope that it is not over anytime soon. Get well soon!

      Michael Hand
      Sugar Land, TX


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        Thanks for your efforts. Best wishes and GET WELL SOON!!!!


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          Ever since i dicovered the NFL at 3 watching my first game i have been a broncos fan.
          I remember my first game like it was yesterday. It was Oct. 16 '95 and we(broncos and broncos fans alike) were playing the RAIDERS. (BOOOOOOOOOOO) I remember you(Dwayne) coming out on the field along with John Elway, T.D, and all the rest and just said, "WOW". I remeber my cousin telling me that this was big rivalry. i asked what it was and he said its when two people or teams don't like eachother worse than all the others. So i Never took my eyes off the tv the rest of that game! Not even for comercials. I remember screaming with my cousin the whole game. You and the whole team just had a blowout game. i remember the score, 27-0 and we got the big W But still to this day through rough and smooth i stick with the broncos. i cried at both Elway's and T.D's retirements. The only team that matters to me besides the bears is the broncos. Now i really only root for the bears because i live in IL. But i remember watching you and everyone else that has come and gone from the broncos with love in the last few years. When i heard about your wreck when i woke up and turned on ESPN, I burst into tears. my parents came running and said whats wrong? I simply replied,"House is hurt." they said who? and i said he's in critical condition. so they finally saw the rest of the clip and caught on and said what happened. and i told them what i knew. So now on my wall is a poster i made of shots from highlights of your career with Denver. But most of all man is just good luck and get well soon. With all my heart i can say that put simply you're one of the best and in tie for the top.(only with Elway of course) I will be sad if this ends your career but i know you to fight through it all. and you will. but once you retire in the many years away it is, i will cry and then wait until your induction into Canton.GET WELL SOON


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            get well

            Dwayne get better man. I have been a Bronco fan since the day I was Born, & I have loved to watch you play ever since you became a Bronco I hope to be able to watch you play for a long while longer. Thx for all you have done and all you will do.