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    Originally posted by Return of Lava
    true, now what would you do if portis wanted more that 2 million?
    eh man, you know my thoughts are with the team first. but if we can get our boys that are up for free agency back into a structured contract ie Gold, Droughns, Hayward, etc. and we have 2 million left, give it to Portis. if Portis wants more than 2 million and we cant afford it, that's gonna suck and i'll miss him. another big "if" but say he wants more than 2 million right and our budget allows it... id be happy with giving him the rest of the bank man. "if" there's 2 n 1/2 or even 3, whatever left over after everyone else is signed, give it to him.
    i know thats mostly wishfull thinking, cause the odd's of us having a bunch of money left after re-structuring the team arent too good. im just crossin my fingers!
    Griese's killing our checkbook too. id like to see the Bronco's make a sweetheart deal with Portis this year, telling him something like.... "play for whatever we can afford one more time and next year, we'll give you Griese's dough too."
    mum's the word.. cause it seems no matter what i say right here, it always gets deleted.


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      After 2 years of proving himself and being a 1500+ yard Pro Bowl running back, I can see why he is getting anxious.

      Your carreer could end with an injury in one play. He has proven that is the running back of the present and future, and he should be compensated accordingly. Yes, he still has 2 years left on his contract, and I applaud him for stating that when he was being interviewed during the Pro Bowl. At the same time, I can understand where he is coming from.

      Denver has always paid their top performers, and I expect them to do the same this time. The only problem is how they will deal with their other top priorities, such as Al Wilson, and with their salary cap.

      They have been masters of the salary cap in the past, and if they can do it again with players such as Wilson and Portis this year, I will be very impressed.