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Way to go Mr. Bowlen and the Denver Broncos

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  • Way to go Mr. Bowlen and the Denver Broncos


    Broncos will pay Carswell entire salary:

    Offensive lineman Dwayne Carswell can rest assured that he will be paid for the rest of the season by the Broncos.

    The team told his agent, James Field, it will honor Carswell's 2005 contract even though he is out for the rest of the season on the reserve/nonfootball injury list after suffering serious injuries in an auto accident.

    When players go on the nonfootball injury list, teams are not obligated to honor the rest of that season's contract. However, the Broncos will pay Carswell, who has been with the team since 1994, the remainder of his 765,000 base salary. Carswell was on the active roster the first eight games of the season, including one after his accident.

    “It was never a concern because we know how class of an organization the Broncos have been,” Field said. “This gives Dwayne a chance to rest easy while he recuperates, and we appreciate it. Dwayne has been a Bronco a long time, and this is a show of what he means to them.”

    Carswell, 33, is the NFL's third high-profile player this season whose contract has been affected by being put on the nonfootball injury
    What a classy organization we have here

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    I agree pure class.

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      I have to also agree that we do have a classy, classy organization!!!!

      Get well soon D.C.!!!!



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        We all knew he would get paid. That's why you never saw the topic raised for serious debate on the boards. Who in there right mind wouldn't pay a player for getting injured coming to work? Especially when the team knowingly located their practice facilities in one of the worst traffic areas in the city (Excluding Trex).

        The Broncos have always been first class. Good to see the reputation continues but it really is not suprising.
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          Glad to hear it.


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            Nice-That is good to see, I wonder what the Raiders would have done.


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              Originally posted by edog24
              Nice-That is good to see, I wonder what the Raiders would have done.
              Al Davis would have filed a petition against the Broncos to the league and claimed the Broncos paid the driver from unused salary cap money to take out one of his players and that Shannahan is putting bounties on the raider players.


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                Shows that this organization didn't turn its back on Eddie Kennison like he said. To all the haters that believed him, this is the same group punks!!!!


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                  Great to hear...
                  Thanks, Reid!
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                    I am so thankful to hear that they are taking care of The House.

                    Did anyone see the car he was driving? What a miracle he even survived.


                    Click on the picture with the car and it will show a video.

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                      This is great news have a speedy recovery DC!
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                        Good for Mike, Ted, and Pat

                        Nice move. Good jesture. That is what creating good will is all about.
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                          I love the compassion shown to House and his family, by this board, team, and organization. GO BRONCOS!!!!!

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                            If they had decided NOT to pay him, he could get an injury settlement and probably get almost (if not totally) as much and the Broncos would have looked badly. Plus we are only talking about $375K or so. They made a good business decision.

                            If Carswell were making $10 million a year I bet the Broncos wouldn't have been so "classy"


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                              Nice move Broncos!!

                              And...I bet they would have been so classy.