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Should the NFL change the OT format?

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    What they need to do is give each team a chance to score. For example, you do the coin toss, first team gets the ball. If they score (field goal or touchdown) they kick off like normal and the other team gets a chance to match or better the score. If they better the score they win, if they don't they lose. If the two teams trade field goals or touchdowns on their first posession, the game then turns into sudden death.

    I don't like the idea of starting at the 50 or 25. Play the game like normal with kick offs and such, but take the desciveness of the coin toss out by partially eliminateing sudden death. My idea ensures each team gets the ball at least once, and after 4 qtrs of football and each team getting at least once chance on OT, I think it's fair at that point to play sudden death.
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      I think BroncosB2B put it best...

      Originally posted by BroncosB2B
      Don't want the other team to score?

      Play defense
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        I think sudden death relies too much on the coin tossbut I'm not totally sold on the collegiate version either. My main problem with the collegiate version is that each team is aleady in scoring position. They don't actually have to mount a drive to go for the win.

        I would like to see something like this.

        Winner of the toss accepts the kickoff. If they drive and score (FG or TD) they have to kick off and give the other team the opportunity to score as well. If the other team can't drive the field and score/tie, then game over. Each team had an equal chance.

        Vise versa, if the team that accepts the initial kick doesn't score, punts, and relinquishes a score to the other team, then the game is over.

        If neither team scores on their first drive, or if there is a tie, then the next team to score wins in sudden death.

        Not perfect but at least it's more like regulation football than giving each team a chance from the 25.


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          Atwater his Ass beat my ass to the punch.


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            Originally posted by BIRD
            Atwater his Ass beat my ass to the punch.
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              I'd like to see a little of both. Instead of it relying on a FG, you have to score a TD. If you dont the other team gets a shot to score a TD, if they dont it goes on again into a 2nd overtime, same rules, if it doesn't end after that its a tie. Not only does this stop the unfair coin toss being a factor, but it could also throw a spanner into the works when it comes to the playoffs. Each team would start at their own 35, usual football rules though. This would also mean teams going for it on 4th down when near the endzone. They could elect to punt on 4th if they are not within a reasonable distance of the 1st down mark as usual. If a team forces a turnover, fumble or INT and so on, and they score the game is over.
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                I would adopt the NCAA rules except if no one scored on their second try There would be a Filed goal contest between the 2 kickers.

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                  Originally posted by ForAllTheHomies
                  I would adopt the NCAA rules except if no one scored on their second try There would be a Filed goal contest between the 2 kickers.
                  Heh adopt the hockey shoot out mentality


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                    I don't like the NCAA format. It's too artificial. Sudden death or not, the actual format keeps the essential part of the game: a kick-off, playing regular defense - offense. I like the way it is. If I had to make a change, probably I would set it to play a full quarter (or maybe 10 minutes, or something like that), maybe I would allow more ties.

                    Or even better, after a "fifth quarter", if the game remains tied, then each team has 5 field goal attempts (kicked by different players) from the 15 yard line.


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                      Perfect Solution

                      Okay, I have the perfect solution.
                      You play a 7:30 (half a quarter)
                      If game is tied at that point, you just go ahead and finish the quarter.

                      This should give each team the ball at least once... and if your team can use up 7 minutes on a drive, you deserve to win anyway.
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                        Originally posted by Tatum26Bell
                        I honestly don't like the overtime in the NFL. I think college football's is much better, because both teams have a shot at winning, it makes it more of a shootout, and it's much more exciting when the team starts at the 25 yard line.

                        If you could change it, would you, and what would your OT be like?

                        I'd make it exactly like College football's right now, except maybe start at the 50 yard line, rather than the 25
                        There is no reason to change it, ties are extremely rare at pro level. Besides when its the playoffs you continue to play until there is a winner.
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                          I like the idea fo just playing a 5th quarter. But rather than sudden death, teh team that is leading at the end of this period wins. If no one is leading, then you have a tie. This is the most authentic way of replicating regulation footbnall in overtime.
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                            I would like both teams to have at least one shot on offense.

                            Have the coin flip like normal and then let both teams have at least one possession. If it's still tied after that, then it reverts to sudden death.

                            That's how I'd prefer it but it's not like I'm totally dissatisfied with the current version.
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                              NO WAY! The NFL has by far the best overtime of any sport.


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                                I can tell the People who would like to see it changed are young kids. Its all because with today dayand age of being PC about everything we have brought up a generation of emotional wimps.

                                Heck for the younger kids these days they don't even keep scores of games because they don't want to hurt anybodies feeling. Sad, very sad indeed.