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    Originally posted by Atwater His Ass
    That is also a weak point. At what point do you say "Hey, we know they are going to pass 65% of the time but we still can't stop it?"
    Well you can also argue that they have been stopping it with one of the lowest completion % allowed in the league. But even if you had an extremely stingy 50% allowed, when you get passed on 40 to 50 times a game, thats still 20 to 25 completions. That's more completions than Jake even attempts in some games.

    As far as WR goes....they have been for more consistant the last few games and I think by the end of the season people may be changing their tune on the position and our depth there.


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      I'd say safety............really no weak links.......just weak schemes
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        it is kicker lets draft one in the first round with washingtons pick


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          Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16
          it is kicker lets draft one in the first round with washingtons pick
          Uhmmmm... this is a joke.. right?


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            Our WRs are ok, as long as the younger ones keep developing
            Safety is prob the biggest weakness, they're good on run support but cant cover.
            Our rookie cbs D.Will, Foxworth, and Paymah look promising, but they are rookies and may become a liability in a another showdown with colts
            DE's i dont know if there is anyone as dominant as Trevor Pryce, the strength to play tackle, speed to play end, numbers are lying he gets held on every play so his numbers aren't stellar.
            Our system of bootlegging benfits our TE's, imagin what we could do with a rookie like mercedes lewis or dominique byrd!!!