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Moment you started to hate the raiders

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  • Moment you started to hate the raiders

    Or there fans.

    Mine was, when they joined with us in the afc west

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    you must have been on cause they have the same thread


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      I can't clearly remember the sixties that well. It seems that it has always been and I believe it always will be. They have always been the scum of the earth and they revel in it.


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        How long as the vampier Al Davis been alive?


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          Ever since Jack Tatum & Otis Sistrunk.
          Oh, The Color of Orange! Ah!


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            When the doctor said it's a boy!
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              I started hating the Raiders from my first breath. Ok thats not true, t most have been at least a day or two after I was born.

              GO BRONCOS


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                on monday night football.. i had my hopes high... broncos vs raiders......broncos near the ten yard line... Griese steps back to throw....tries to hit Portis....instead Rod Woodson picks it off and runs 97 yards all the way back for a TD.. That is the second that i started hating them
                Go Broncos, Lakers, Angels!


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                  For me it was the first time I spoke to a Faiders fan in the UK. Football wasn't (and still isn't) a massive sport in the UK, so you almost have to be a fan of the sport before any team, and therefore you have to speak to other teams fans.

                  Back then there were only a few teams whose gear was available in the shops over here, so first time I saw a Faiders shirt I tried to talk to the guy, only to be told that he didn't like the game, but the colours were chance of respecting any Faider after that

                  Strangely enough, when I used to play there wasn't a single Faider on the team, and I never really bumped into many in the game itself
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                    Ever since I was aware of my environment



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                      When i was 8 and playing the raiders in my rocket football league for the conference championship (my team was the colts). They beat the ****es out of us 50-6 but i dont hate them i just dont like them..


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                        Originally posted by Fl_playa101
                        Or there fans.

                        Mine was, when they joined with us in the afc west

                        To be honest, I hate Peytato Head and the entire Colts team 10x more than I dislike the Raiders.

                        ...But maybe that's just me.

                        They're your teammates, now.
                        Best of luck, TT!
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