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    With a full nine weeks gone and only eight to go, we decided to make like all of the other mainstream media outlets and throw out for consideration our thoughts at the the best -- and the worst -- of the first half of the 2005 season.

    And, as usual, we overdid it.

    First, the AFC . . . .

    Best quarterback: Peyton Manning, Colts.

    Worst quarterback: Gus Frerotte, Dolphins.

    Best running back: LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers.

    Worst running back: Jamal Lewis, Ravens.

    Fullbacks: Don't know, don't care.

    Best receiver: Chad Johnson, Bengals.

    Worst receiver: Reggie Williams, Jaguars.

    Best tight end: Antonio Gates, Chargers.

    Worst tight end: Doug Jolley, Jets.

    Best offensive tackles: Willie Anderson, Bengals; Matt Lepsis, Broncos.

    Worst offensive tackles: Chester Pitts, Texans; Todd Wade, Texans.

    Guards: See fullbacks.

    Best center: Tom Nalen, Broncos.

    Worst center: Anyone who isn't Tom Nalen.

    Best defensive ends: Dwight Freeney, Colts; Derrick Burgess, Raiders.

    Worst defensive ends: Marcellus Wiley, Jaguars; Courtney Brown, Broncos.

    Best linebackers: Cato Junes, Colts; Jonathan Vilma, Jets; Andra Davis, Browns.

    Worst linebackers: Jason Babin, Texans; Kendrell Bell, Chiefs; Peter Boulware, Ravens.

    Best cornerbacks: Deltha O'Neal, Bengals; Ty Law, Jets.

    Worst cornerbacks: Every guy who has played corner for the Pats with the exception of Asante Samuel; Pacman Jones, Titans.

    Best safeties: John Lynch, Broncos; Troy Polamalu, Steelers.

    Worst safeties: Every guy who has played safety for the Pats with the exception of Rodney Harrison.

    Best punter: Donnie Jones, Dolphins.

    Worst punter: Chris Gardocki, Steelers.

    Best kicker: Rian Lindell, Bills.

    Worst kicker: Mike Nugent, Jets.

    Best coach: Marvin Lewis, Bengals.

    Worst coach: Dom Capers, Texans.

    Best executive: Mike Brown, Bengals.

    Worst executive: Floyd Reese, Titans.

    Best veteran acquisition: Randy Moss, Raiders.

    Worst veteran acquisition: Duane Starks, Patriots.

    Offensive rookie of the year: Heath Miller, Steelers.

    Defensive rookie of the year: Odell Thurman, Bengals.

    Draft-day bust, offense: Mike Nugent, Jets.

    Draft-day bust, defense: Pacman Jones, Titans.

    MVP: Peyton Manning, Colts.

    Golden Turd: Reggie Williams, Jaguars.

    Now for the NFC . . . .

    Best overall quarterback: Eli Manning, Giants.

    Best running quaterback: Michael Vick, Falcons.

    Worst overall quarterback: Aaron Brooks, Saints.

    Worst passing quarterback: Michael Vick, Falcons.

    Best running back: Shaun Alexander, Seahawks.

    Worst running back: Kevin Jones, Lions.

    Best receiver: Steve Smith, Panthers.

    Worst receiver: Terrell Owens, Eagles.

    Best tight end: Alge Crumpler, Falcons.

    Worst tight end: Dan Campbell, Cowboys.

    Best offensive tackles: Walter Jones, Seahawks; Jon Jansen, Redskins.

    Worst offensive tackles: Alex Barron, Rams; Kenyatta Walker, Buccaneers.

    Best center: LeCharles Bentley, Saints.

    Worst center: Cory Withrow, Vikings.

    Best defensive ends: Bryan Young, 49ers; Michael Strahan, Giants.

    Worst defensive ends: Simeon Rice, Buccaneers; Calvin Pace, Cardinals.

    Best defensive tackles: Rod Coleman, Falcons; Tommie Harris, Bears.

    Worst defensive tackles: Grady Jackson, Packers; Johnathan Sullivan, Saints.

    Best linebackers: Brian Urlacher, Bears; Karlos Dansby, Cardinals; LaVar Arrington, Redskins.

    Worst linebackers: Chris Claiborne, Rams; Warrick Holdman, Redskins; Napoleon Harris, Vikings.

    Best cornerbacks: Chris Gamble, Panthers; DeAngelo Hall, Falcons.

    Worst cornerbacks: Fred Smoot, Vikings; Will Allen, Giants.

    Best safeties: Sean Taylor, Redskins; Roy Williams, Cowboys.

    Worst safeties: Every safety on the Packers roster.

    Best punter: Jeff Feagles, Giants.

    Worst punter: Reggie Hodges, Rams.

    Best kicker: Neil Rackers, Cardinals.

    Worst kicker: Doug Brien, Bears; Paul Edinger, Vikings.

    Best coach: Tom Coughlin, Giants.

    Worst coach: Mike Sherman, Packers.

    Best executive: Ernie Accorsi, Giants.

    Worst executive: Matt Millen, Lions.

    Best veteran acquisition: Plaxico Burress, Giants.

    Worst veteran acquisition: Fred Smoot, Vikings.

    Offensive rookie of the year: Cadillac Williams, Buccaneers.

    Defensive rookie of the year: DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys.

    Draft-day bust, offense: Cedric Benson, Bears; J.J. Arrington, Cardinals.

    Draft-day bust, defense: Erasmus James, Vikings

    MVP: Steve Smith, Panthers.

    Golden Turd: Terrell Owens, Eagles.

    -Lol, I love there bluntness. BTW, guys I wouldn't take this too seriously, hopefully I won't be seeing posts complaining about Courtney Brown's "Worst Defensive End" Award (yea, it's a joke, but whatever).

    Golden Turd-TO, LOL!!!

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    I was going to mention Brown, but you know its a joke when they have Lavar Arrington listed as one of the best LB's and he hasn't even played this year.


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      Defensive rookie of the year: Odell Thurman, Bengals.

      BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Originally posted by ReleaseTheBeast7
        Defensive rookie of the year: Odell Thurman, Bengals.

        BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Well, who should it be??

        Lol, got ya


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          Originally posted by WABronco
          Well, who should it be??

          Lol, got ya

          DJ for KC is looking pretty good

          but Thurman is playing better right now


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            Nice to see they actually watch the games. I'm curious though, does a 17 yard performance against philly really make LT the best running back? I mean James has been hammering away the yards and he gets no credit.
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              Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16
              DJ for KC is looking pretty good

              but Thurman is playing better right now
              Thurman is going to own the NFL in a few years. He has 50 tackles, a sack and four ints this year for a rookie. Marvin Lewis made Ray Lewis and maximized his talent, and it looks like he is doing the same for Thurman.
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                I like Merriman for the Chargers as being up for DROY as well.


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                  I think Thurman has been the defensive rookie of the year to this point. The guy is a playmaker and will be one of the dominate linebackers for the next decade if he avoids injury.
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