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  • Kick or Go For It?

    We've seen over the last two weeks a couple of gutsy (stupid) decisions by Vermiel and now Gruden. Don't go for the tie and overtime, but go for the win right now.

    So here's the choices...You have the option to kick a field goal or PAT and send it to overtime, or you go for six and the win. What do you do?

    Second part...if Shanny goes for the win and the Broncos don't capitalize does he get crucified for the dumb decision or applauded for having the guts to go for the win?
    Kick and play for OT
    Go for the six and the win
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    Depends. If you are kicking the extra point from the 2 1/2, I say kick it. If you get a penalty and are basically at the 1 (like the bucs were), I say go for it. Your odds of getting a yard are better than the coin toss of OT.


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      Well, it's kind of a situational decision. If your defense has been playing pretty well then you have to think that your chances are good even if you lose the coin flip; i.e. It's a better than 50% chance that you win in overtime.

      But if your defense is being sliced through like butter, you have to figure that it's almost an even shot that you win or lose in overtime.

      So, I'd gauge the situation to go for the win on the final play and estimate what I thought my chances were of converting. From the 1 yard line or inside, I'd go for it if I didn't have great confidence in my defense.

      But the odds of winning on the last play decrease the further you move back from the goal line. Even 1 extra yard starts to seriously decrease your chances of punching it in on the ground because all the defenders are bunched up in the end zone, and the pass defense is naturally tighter in that situation. On a 2-point conversion, I'd need to be extremely confident in my offense and strongly lacking in my defense.

      But most times I would simply go for the tie and then hope for the best in overtime.
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        If the game hinges on it then you should kick it. You stand a much better chance in overtime when you can mix it up, than you do in regulation when the other team knows that your going for the endzone.
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          I don't hat goes off for Gruden and Vermeil though, you're playing to win by going for it and guess what you win...hindsight is a perfect 20/20 but either way, I respect them for going for the win...Pete Carroll would of done the same thing for USC, every 4th down pass the 50 yard line, he'll automatically go for it..and especially the QB sneak against ND (ouch that one still hurts)...but these coaches deserves props for giving their team a chance to win!
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            You play the whole game to win but, given the opportunity to win it in the last seconds, you'd rather chicken out and tie the game?


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              If the Bucs and/or Chiefs don't convert then we are calling their decisions stupid right about now.

              Kick the damn ball.

              There are too few games to let the season be decided by one play.
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                I say it depends on how well your defense and offense is playing. If they have been playing good up to that point, then it is probably safe to kick the XP and go for the tie and OT. If you lose the coin toss, all is not lost as long as your D continues to play strong and get the ball back for the offense to have a chance at the win.

                If the defense has played sub-par and they haven't been able to do much against the other teams offense, then I would suffice to say you almost have no choice but to go for the win. Especially if you're on the 1 yd line, and if you have capable backs like Larry Johnson or MA or Tomlinson, then it's pretty much a gimme TD.

                However if you aren't that close than anything other than a FG would be foolish. You can't risk the game if your on, let's say, the five yd line, unless of course you have nothing to play for, ie. losing season, nothing to lose situation. If it were the Broncos, I think Shanny would be confident in their ability to win it in OT, but not every coach has that confidence in their team. I voted go for the tie to send it to OT solely because I trust the Broncos could pull it out, but if they did lose, it would be because the other team beat them, not because of one play.


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                  I say kick it-make sure your still in the game-especially against a divisional team or playoff. Pretty gutsy to go for it-50/50 chance.
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                    omg.... if i was a coach..l i would play it safe no question.... because even if my team does lose... they cant say **** to me. but if i would have missed the TD.... its ONLY my fault.

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                      Originally posted by ItalianSta11ion
                      omg.... if i was a coach..l i would play it safe no question.... because even if my team does lose... they cant say **** to me. but if i would have missed the TD.... its ONLY my fault.
                      LOL classic. Yeah if you're in the business of covering your behind, definitely kicking is the move. But if you're more interested in winning games than looking clean and deflecting blame, breaking it down to sheer probability, you have a better chance of pounding it in from the 1 with Alstott and LJ than you do of winning on a coin toss. I think most coaches don't trade a 70% chance to win (hypothetically) for a 50% chance to win (or less, if your team's banged up, worn out, or simply outmatched).

                      Given the same scenario, I think Denver would generally be better served to kick the FG for the tie. But that's because our line is built on finesse and not power. I think we lose that matchup on the goalline more often than not, and we don't have a good enough track record in similar situations to suggest otherwise.
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