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Is a sweep possible?

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    I voted for SD. It's the last game of the regular season and I expect us to sit the starters for the most part because we'll already have a first round bye wrapped up, while the Chargers will be fighting for a Wild Card spot.


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      Originally posted by WyoBroncoMan
      Not meant as a smack thread. Just wanted to hear some honest opinions on whether anyone thinks we can sweep our own division. I know a lot of things still have to play out, especially for the Charger game at the end of the year (will we be healthy, will we be resting for playoffs, etc.).

      I myself think talent against talent, there isn't anyone in our division that can beat us.

      Note: You can vote for more than one.
      There is a very good chance we will sweep the division. But like you said it depends on what shanny will do with the charges in our last game of the regular season. It would be awesome if we did sweep.


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        Well I hope we win in SD... Mostly because I will be at that game ;p

        First it was best team not to make the Play Offs. Then it was best team not to win a play off game. This year its best team to go 8-8.