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pro bowl questions???

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    1, i never said trent cost the afc the match, i just said he sucked and he clearly did.

    2, he is a product of the best OL in football and a good RB. its easier when you have all day to throw.

    3, i don't think brady deserved to go at all, in another thread i put that comparing brady to montana is absurd because it was the NE defense that got them 15 in a row (although brady won the SB for NE).

    4, are you honestly telling me that you think the group of (eagles,cowboys,seahawks,packers) are better than (colts,chiefs,broncos,tennessee) if you think the nfc was stronger than its your opinion but i'd be surprised if you really believed that!!!!!!

    5, mcnair should of been out there for longer, the afc would of won if he had of been.

    6, who would you all put in instead of green????? or do you think green deserved to be there? personally i would of put in plummer. not being biased but i liked his 9-2 record, his scrambling ability and how he led the team.

    btw - there was a discussion earlier in the season about who is better (trent or jake) but if we had trent then i would not feel comfortable at all!!!! lol