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A Scenario. Don't Worry About Indy

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    I actually came across that one a fw times trying to find stuff about the '99 game... I was only 7 then so I don't remember the first one but Part Deux will always be fresh in my memory... what a game! (SOunds like both turned out rather well for us actually )

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      Here's the game you're speaking of:

      Originally posted by ESPN
      The game was played in 26-degree weather and on a field dusted by light snow before the game, the remnants of a storm that dumped 9 inches of snow on the Denver area since Sunday night.

      So, it wasn't really a snow game like last year with the Raiders, in that it was snowing while the game was going on, but there was a little bit of snow on the ground.


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        Originally posted by tough-guy
        If you're talking to me, I'm not off base. The Broncos will be in the super bowl if they get the homefield throughout the playoffs. Without it......they won't.....period.
        Remember 1997, pal?
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          Originally posted by pikman
          Just been looking at the standings and some of the AFC teams remaining schedules and have been hypothesising...

          Here's my breakdown, like it or not...

          Indy 14-2 Win Division & Bye
          Denver 13-3 Win Division & Bye
          NE 11-5 Win Division
          Pittsburgh 13-3 Win Division
          Jacksonville 12-4 Wildcard
          Cincinnati 11-5 Wildcard

          Wildcard weekend sees Pittsburgh defeat Cincinnati and Jacksonville beat NE. Here's where it get's good. Jacksonville goes into into, Del Rio has his defense playing as good as they can (and that's pretty good). Jville defeats Indy and they're onto the AFC Championship game.

          According to my theory the Broncos need to worry more about the Steelers than the Colts. Wouldn't that be an awesome playoff game. Mile high, in the snow, steelers/Broncos playing smashmouth, run the ball down your throat football.

          Just a theory mind you.
          I was thinking about this scenario as well. It could happen.
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