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    Originally posted by y2cragie
    Dave Logan brings one thing to the booth that is essential for a good broadcast. Excitement. Sure he misses some things and makes a few mistakes, but all commentators do. He brings a knowledge and love for the game to the booth which you just dont get with alot of commentators, and as others have said he tries to be as neutral as possible. One other key thing he doesn't do is go overboard, I hear some of these other guys and they scream their heads off every play their team makes. That makes me want to turn off, not listen.
    See, I disagree. I think Logan lacks excitement.

    I think he is a Color analyst asked to do a Play By Play guy's job.....and it shows.

    If you ever want to hear the difference, listen to the Cowboys broadcast on T-Giving with the Cowboys Brad Sham. For my money, he is the best in the Biz, and light years ahead of Logan.

    But again, it's too bad Mike Haynes is a Hockey guy (what a waste), because the guy is straight up fantastic.


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      I have heard Logan before and I think he does alright.
      John 11: 25-27

      My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

      Thanks Snk16


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        "And that's ANOTHER Broncos touchdown!"

        You cant get tired of hearing that!


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          Originally posted by rcsodak
          I like Logan.
          Compared to the moron that does the games for Nebraska (on the loud speaker at my job), he's a breath of fresh air.
          This dude makes a 3 yard gain sound like a 105 yd touchdown scramble.
          Rome is by far the worst play by play announcer in the history of broadcasting.