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Pick the winner of the Broncos vs. Jets game...

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    I'm just hoping Tatum Bell will have enough time to get healthy enough.

    The Cowboys are pretty much Tatum's hometown team, he's due to carry the load, and Cowboy stadium has a field surface that should be very conducive to Bell's speed.

    This isn't to assume that M.A. won't have a great game, but I'm sure hoping Bell will be recovered because I think he could have a real impact in this one.

    Other than that, another help we might have received today in the win was that the defense was on the field for such a VERY short time. This should help the d-line immensely as we prepare to face a QB in Bledsoe who MUST have near perfect protection. A well rested defense despite a short week should help our case in getting to Bledsoe early and often.

    I hope Coyer's got some fun schemes he's been waiting to use, because this is the week I would use them.


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      Of course just my opinion but I think the Broncos are as ready as the fans in this forum!!! Let's go play 'em tomorrow!!! I'll cook the friggin' 12 legged terducken and get it out of the way for Madden and let's just play it tomorrow!!!Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the game fellow fans!!!


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        I think Tatum should be OK since it was his shoulder, and it didnt look very bad at the time. Im sure Shanahan will talk about it in his news conference tonight or tomorow. I think he was held out of the second half because of the short week.


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          According to some of the comments during today's game Shanahan and his staff were already preparing for the Cowboys by Thursday or Friday of this past week.
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            We will be ready. This is Shannahans 3rd Thanksgiving game so I am sure he knws exactly what he is doing and how to prepare the team.

            What is will come down is the ability to execute.

            Dallas is a pretty much max protect team, so we might not get to Drew that much, and they are working on their own 1-2 punch of Jones & Barber.
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              Originally posted by Tatum26Bell
              With the game today, although easy, will we be ready for Thursday's game against the Cowboys?

              What do you think?
              I think so. Luckily the Jets were so crappy that we were able to look ahead of today's game a bit. The Coyboys are going to be tough for sure though.
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                ha...i knew it...da broncs won and they regulated tooo...what a shut out!!!


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                  Considering that we spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday preparing for the Cowboys (instead of the Jets), I think we will be ready.


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                    um.... I predict a 27 - 0 shut out.

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                    • Thursday ought to be a good game. After watching the Cowboys/Lions game today, it looks to me like it should be pretty evenly matched. Both teams like to play ball control offense, both have a good defensive scheme. Only thing that worries me is if our D will be able to get to Bledsoe. That Dallas o line looked good today in pass protect. Granted, they were playing the Lions, but they still looked good.

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                      • 4 days away....I can't wait, the broncos are going to get alot of national t.v. the rest of the season, which means I will be able to watch them alot Parcells will have his team ready, but I think we will be o.k.
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                        • If we can bring some pressure, the Dallas QB's name changes to Drew Glassjaw. I'm remembering our games when he was a Patriot... Good passer, but doesn't do so well when he's rushed. Hoping he hasn't lost his clay feet.