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Outside of Denver there is no love for Rod Smith

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    Rod has also had the "misfortune" of playing for a coach who gameplans for unpredictability, meaning the ball gets spread around ALOT more. Here again, W-L record is more important than individual achievement, and THAT is why the Broncos contend for the playoffs more often than not. I think in MANY other systems, Rod would, statiscally speaking, hold his own with the featured receivers from other teams. His value is that he thinks TEAM, not just himself. That is probably a result of his path to the NFL. Keep working your butt off, no matter what!
    Hopefully the HOF will reward him for that.


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      Originally posted by Champs Chumps
      debating here... not arguing... cause I assume we both like both the guys.

      But... TD was a dominant player in this league... won league MVP... SuperBowl MVP and rushed for over 2000 yards.... plus 7 straight 100 yard playoff games. He was "The Man" in the NFL... even if just for a short time.

      Rod has longevity... but was never the dominant player in the league or at his position... ask someone to name the top 10 RB's of the last 15 years, TD's name comes up... ask someone to name the top WR's of the last 15 years, Rod name does not (try this with a non-Bronco fan)

      I hope in 10 years when I re-visit Canton.. they are both there though.

      What I think Rod has over Td tho is that Rod is the first ever undrafted reciever to go over 10000 yards, that is exceptional and stands to be noticed for the NFLs sake.
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        Thanks for the welcome

        Appreciate the welcome to the board from all. I know the reason Rod doesn't get any coverage is because he is such a team player and lets his play speak rather than his mouth.

        And on the TD subject, he deserves HOF, but most likely will never get there. Had he played for a few more years, or were he healthy his last few years he would be a lock.

        The two problems for TD are his longevity and teh fact that the league and the media now see Denver as some sort of mystical running back haven, and credit the system more than the player.

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          Good guys finish first

          It boils down to this.........if you are a HOF voter.........what do you stand for ??

          Loudmouth jerks............???

          Or the blue collar guy that gave his all and made the impossible possible ?

          Every fan, that truly is a fan of this game, wants a guy like Rod to make it. He stands for everything that is good about this game.