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Broncos Offense vs. Colts Defense

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    Of course Denver can beat Indy. It is really very simple. Think back to when we played them in Indy a few years ago at the end of the season. The way to stop a good offense is to keep them off the field. Denver's running game can be very effective against the Colts. Control the clock with the running game. Can't score if you are not on the field. We run, that takes away from Freeney, Mathis strentghs. While it is true that they will have some possessions, we match up with them a lot better than in previous years.


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      Personally I do not think the colts defense is as good as the stats say they are. By looking at their schedule the only two teams that comes to mind that should put up a lot of points against them did. (Keep in mind I am not a colts fan so I do not remember all of their games.)

      Cinci and NE both put up big points against them and I just can not call their defense a good D. They are mediocre in my eyes and put good pressure on the qb but that is about it.

      Hopefully we will be able to run the ball down their throats and keep it away from their offense if we do meet them somewhere down the line. If the game is in Indiana we are going to have a really tough battle. It would be great if we could take home field advantage away from them, but I do not see the colts slowing down.