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Whats the best way to beat the Colts?

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  • Whats the best way to beat the Colts?

    I know there prolly have been alot of threads concerning this question already but I haven't read any yet.

    Sooo.... I'm gonna look ahead and asume that we meet Indy in the playoffs.

    I was wondering how everyone thinks we can win. All the experts say that the worst strategy in playing the Colts is to blitz Manning. In watching the game today (I don't live near Denver so that game wasn't on) I saw the Bengals blitz him and they were picked up. Manning in turn took advantage of it every time and connected for huge gains (most of the time to dallas clark). I'm not sure I buy into the claim that manning can't be blitzed, however. Because the cincinati secondary simply could not cover the colt's receivers one on one. I mean they were wide open. I think the Bronco's secondary have a better chance.

    (The Bengals did get one sack wich resulted in the Colts' first punt of the game wich is something they don't do very often.)

    Also another weekness I saw in tonights game was the run defence of the colts. I mean rudi and perry ran all over the field. The problem was that the bengals could not keep them from scoring so the bengals' offence was pretty much forced to keep passing.

    I don't think that the broncos have a good chance if the game turns into a shoot out like the game today. Because if that happens jake might end up trying to force some throws like palmer did wich caused him to throw the late game int.

    So I think the best possible way for a win is to slow the game down, and establish long running drives. This way the colts' d will stay on the feild for a long time, even if the colts get quick striking huge plays our d will be fresh at the end of the game and will eventually take over!!!

    What does everyone else think?

    PS. I've been a broncos fan for a long time but haven't been a member of the threads very long but I've enjoyed reading all the posts and it's really got me more into the season. And now I'm about as exited as I've ever been, GO BRONCOS!!!!

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    Have our D line crack open a huge hole in the O line and let AL rip Mannings had the Phuk off his body!!! Then we sail down victory lane. Or we can just set our secondary up to Give Manning Zero options, and while he is looking, just rattle the 5hit out of him.


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      I don't think there is a good way, or as far as this season goes, anyway.

      The formula of ball control is the best strategy, in hopes that you are in the game in the fourth quarter. As far as defense goes, hope for turnovers in special teams, lucky bounces, blown routes etc. because they aren't contained in many other ways. Perhaps Pittsburgh will shed light on thi problem monday, but I don't think there is a good way beyond getting lucky a few times...


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        Blueprint for beating the Colts. Of course, that is very rarely accomplished.

        It'll simply take a great game for us to beat them in their stadium again. The Broncos have it in them but you never know what will happen until they take the field.
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          Best way to beat the Colts? You saw it today.

          Long sustained (And yes boring for those who thought today was vanilla and lacking) drives.

          In short...the best way to beat the Colts is by dominating time of possession and keeping Manning off the field.


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            The colts no huddle offense presents some problem too. We keep rotating our defense line to keep them fresh. This will not work against colts. THis year our secondary is looking much better and the d-line can put some pressure on peyton. And Mike and Tatum need to keep running!


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              Zone Blitz?

              I think trying some zone blitzing will pressure Manning. He will kill you if you don't put pressure and the O-Line is good. But, as seen in the past, if you all out blitz him, he calls an audible and throws slants or dumps off to edge. In that case, disguising where any of the defense players are going to be may be effective. But you do need to be almost perfect. The blitz needs to get there quickly or LBs and DLs in coverage will get burned or you will be open to the deep ball. Perhaps play "bend don't break" until they cross mid-field then mix up a few zone blitzes. But do not do this all the time. Sneak just a few of them in and surprise Manning. This may lead to some INT's or Punts. The other problem is the no-huddle. If they do this, you can't call in plays.

              Just a suggestion. Does anyone else think this would work?


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                I've thought about this question for two years. You need two things to beat the Colts.

                First, and foremost, is depth in the secondary. At least 3 CBs and some good safeties who can keep up with the precise route-running of the Colts. I was excited about our matchup last year, until a rash of injuries in the final weeks of the season crippled us.

                Second, the ability to pressure Manning with a 4 man rush. Manning loves the blitz and simply eats it alive. The times he does poorly is when a D-Line can get to him (Patriots in years past, Jaguars, etc). Manning does not like to get hit, and if you knock him around enough, you will get a turnover or two.

                If Denver stays healthy, if our line can beat the underrated Colts O-Line, and if we are fortunate enough to make it that far in the playoffs, then we have a good shot. I don't believe offense is the key. It's all about throwing the Colts offense out of sync.

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                  Btw, watch Pittsburg play the Colts next week. If my theory is right, the Colts will win because Pittsburg relies on their (awesome) blitzes to pressure a QB. But if the Steelers win, my theory is wrong and blitzing is the way to go...

                  My adopted Bronco is Chris Kuper. Huzzah!

                  I am the raid leader for this World of Warcraft guild. Yay us!


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                    !!! KEEP MANNING OFF THE FIELD !!!

                    The Offense needs quick screens and slants in the passing game for first downs and run, run, run.
                    All the Defense can really hope to do against Peyton is limit his options. He's going to make plays. They just have to make sure none of them are "game breakers".


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                      run the ball more than 19 times


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                        Score more points than they do.

                        I couldn't resist.
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                          Originally posted by Javalon
                          Blueprint for beating the Colts. Of course, that is very rarely accomplished.
                          nice example of a blueprint. I was thinking the exact same thing, do what we did to them in 2003.

                          Keep Manning off the field with the running game and hope your defense can hold up.

                          Denver would probably need to score in the 30s to have a chance to win.


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                            Get a couple of sacks on Manning!!!! Get him crying and pissed off and he will make mistakes.

                            I liked the way Cint. ran the ball on them, I would like to see our running game set up some big plummer passes.

                            Bottom line if you don't knock down Manning a few times ( roughing the passer penitly if we must) he will find the open man and make us pay.

                            Oh yea one more big one........We can not be intimidated at the start of the game, we must go in confident.


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                              Originally posted by Emancipator
                              Score more points than they do.

                              I couldn't resist.