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    If you all remember the last Thanksgiving game between the two teams. Denver got out to a good lead and nearly let Ryan Leaf look like super man in short order.

    I think this game will be made to look easy, but it won't actually be. I think it is the first game that Shanahan gets to show just how good his team really is against another good team (that will be made to look average).


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      Combined record of the teams Dallas has beat: 23-37

      Dallas has only beat two teams with winning records. San Diego and the Giants. And San Diego was in week 1 without Antonio Gates.

      IMO if they were to play now instead of then Dallas would definitely be 6-4.
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      Al Davis leads yet another squad to the brink of mediocrity.

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        Originally posted by demdcowboys#1
        And the COWBOYS STOP THE RUN!!!! Only allowing 95.1 rypg, not to mention we are holding opponents to 11.4 ppg AT HOME, dont underestimate Dallas please. Dont expect a blow out either, especially not at our house, it'll be a good one, your making it sound like DEN will have a cake walk win, no no.........not gonna happen, if the boys come out inspired and ready to play, who knows how this one will pan out, just gotta wait til THUR!!!!!!!!!
        Most opposing fans don't understand Denver's system. All other fans bring up stats etc which doesn't mean squat. Denver runs things differently and Shanny scripts plans specifically against the opposing teams to frustrate and confuse.

        Dallas has stopped some good running teams, but when you face Denver it is very different. People don't realize how difficult it is to defend against the zone blocking, especially with the master lineman in Nalen and Lepsis executing it. No matter how good against the run Dallas is, they are not familiar with the scheme. Denver is so succesful with the run because Shanny uses a teams aggressiveness (sp) and stacking the line against them. Teams over pursue and the cut back lanes and boot legs open up. If your team plays patiently against the cut back and the boot Denver will smash it right down your throat, by the second quarter a lot of teams are confused. This game will be no different.

        We have faced some good defense's in Wash, Jax, and look what we did to Philly. That being said the weakness of the scheme is against 3-4 defense's. So Dallas does match up well in that department. Demarcus Ware, Ellis and that D is playing well but Shanny knows how to use your strength's against you.
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