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    Originally posted by Javalon
    Yep, and he had 4 in that one game against the Chiefs. That was quite a show. It's really too bad that we couldn't fix his confidence issues and get him back on track while he was with us.

    As for Champ, he struggled a bit with his hamstring, obviously. But he has played well overall. But Champ with a bum hamstring covering Owens was a tough situation. I sure would like to see him 100% again.
    Yeah I never gave up hope on Deltha. I'm really glad he is doing well in Cincy.
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      Originally posted by SimonSteele
      "The Denver Broncos can take their gold medal with Champ Bailey leading the way. He has five interceptions already, tying his single-season high. He's really turned the corner since his poor performance against Terrell Owens earlier in the season, when Owens had three catches for 154 yards, including a 91-yard touchdown. Bailey has covered some of the top receivers in the game this year and has performed extremely well. He can regain his position as an individual platinum guy with help from a healthy Lenny Walls and Darrent Williams. Bailey has played hurt this year, so you have to also give him some credit for that."

      Has this guy even watched the Broncos this year? Bad performance against TO earlier in the season? That was just a couple of weeks ago...Champ has been playing solid before and since TO got the better of him.

      I swear, if you're going to do a piece on all of the teams at least do the leg work involved with it. Clearly the guy has no idea Lenny is off the team, but part of being a writer (sports or otherwise) is doing the research to back up the claims made in your article. I really need to cancel ESPN Insider and find something a little less lame.

      A lot of people get burned by TO. I don't think this guy recognizes that. That pick Bailey had against the jets was a play very few corners in this league could've made. I think Williams is having a better season than Bailey considering he is a rookie. He should have two TD's on the year and I havent seen him miss a tackle yet. In all, they are playing better than any duo of CB's in the country.

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