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Ron Dayne to see time?

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    Does anyone know if the Broncos will be wearing their Vintage uniforms on Thanksgiving? I think, last time they did when they played on Thanksgiving a while back. Is that tradition?


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      nah a lil b4 his time.......

      Originally posted by watchthemiddle
      Was Dayne drafted by Parcells when he was in NY, or am I a little off.
      Dayne was drafted by Jim Fassel. Parcells was a little b4 his time.........

      big ups to snk16.


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        Dayne would be fine

        I like Tatum Bell he is a good speed runner when we use him to run outside the tackles. However we have been using him up the middle most of the time in recent games and the big holes have not been there. Not sure why we are not running him outside more but I am sure Shanny and Gary have thier reasons.
        Ron Dayne like Mike Anderson will be good up the middle and will punish a defensive line and wear them out. Both can make the big plays towards the end of the game and should be a good tandum team.
        BRONCOS RULE !!