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Are we over confident fans?

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    Originally posted by Emancipator
    Nothing is wrong with fans being confident. Not one bit. It is the players and the coaches that we have to be concerned.
    Absolutely!! If they get overconfident that could cause alot of problems.


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      Originally posted by bcbronc
      i would say many fans on these boards are more fair-weather than over confident. many of the people that say how great we are now were all doom and gloom in the preseason, and then even worse after the miami game, and jumped back off the bandwagon after the giants game. now things are good so they jump up and down praising jake and coyer and shanny's draft skilz. i definately dont think many fans are overconfident; just watch how quickly the bandwagon empties if the broncs lose on thursday.
      I totally agree. I have been very critical of Coyer. I'm still not convinced. However, I havent made one negative comment about him since weve been rolling. I won't make any such comments after the next game we lose. Well, I might make one comment. I'm a Bronco for life, so I take the good with the bad.


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        im always confident of our team even when we lost in week 1 to miami

        i dont care if people say ''oh dont be to confident you will fall into the trap and your team will lose the trap game''.

        i love my team and i predict us to win most of the time. im a confident person and girls love it.

        whats wrong with thinking my team is good.

        i think its better being confident than not being confident and always being scared like some of the *****cat fans we have here who are always like

        ''its 3 to 0 in the first Q with 10 min left! were going to lose!!'' seriously i see this all the time.then i see people angry when we have a 23-0 lead in the 4th Q to be only 23-10. Their fear of losing kicks in and they have no confidence in their squad at all.

        when i play basketball at school their is this kid that sucks horribly he doesnt even know how to play and always double dribbles and cant catch.but if he's open i pass him the ball ALL the time and tell him to shoot. Because im a leader and a captain and i have confidence in the kid
        then i tell all my team mates to shoot when their open and have confidence in their this one kid who has a good shot but always passes the ball when he is wide open


        atleast in my book of the world that i wrote and published
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          What about the #1 seed!!

          Originally posted by DrunkPanda
          SOME of us are. i'm in constant fear of losing the 2nd seed. 2nd seed is the only way we have a chance at superbowl. hopefully colts play pats for their first game and are eliminated from playoffs
          Indy sucks in the cold. We need to play in the snow before the end of the season and win out. This is our best opportunity.

          To be honest it is easy to be over confident, specialy if you listen to the rankings. Cinci, Pitts, NE and Ind are all better than the NFC. Getting through the playoffs is not even close to being automatic. If the Broncos meet anyone in the AFC Championchip they will have played their butts off to be there.

          Indy has the same wall and could very well go undefeated in the regular season and lose the first playoff game. I hope they end up playing Cinci again. Talk about hungry? That was a good game!

          No room for over confidence in the AFC!!
          This is the NFL!!

          Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

          Go Broncos!!!!!!!