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    Don't think we need one this season. But I'm sure we will think about it for the future. Jason is definitely good this season and could do well for us next season. So I think we are okay.
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      First, welcome. Don't get discouraged. You will get better posting.
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        Originally posted by Snk16
        The guy had an injured leg and still kicked a 47 yarder. Any questions?

        And at least state your reasons why. Come on...
        Exactly what Snk said.
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          I wouldn't mind drafting Mason Crosby out of Colorado though,

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            Originally posted by Broncos win
            I like Jason Elam, but I think we need a new kicker.

            your kidding right?

            1) please tell us why....

            2) whenever I watch college kickers I just expect them to miss it....they always miss extra points for crying out loud. they always miss chip-shots who are we going to draft?

            3) please tell me who you you would rather have? Jason Elam....a HOF Kicker (should be) or someone rookie or unknown kicker?

            new kicker? please....


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              Originally posted by NameUsedBefore
              I wouldn't mind drafting Mason Crosby out of Colorado though,

              That seems like an interesting possibility--the same thought occurred to me.

              However, the broncos already drafted a kicker out of NAU last year--Paul Ernster (who actually made the final cut to 53). He injured himself and is on Injured Reserve this year, but it's clear the team is high on him. He can punt *almost* as well as Sauerbrun, can kick off measureably better than Sauerbrun, but I don't recall if he handled field goals in college.

              The broncos must really be intrigued by him--teams don't often start a season with *3* kickers on their final roster of 53!!

              I wouldn't be surprised though if the broncos took a flier on a placekicker in the last two rounds if a good one was still available.


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                Originally posted by Dawgfan
                What is your reasoning?

                I don't think cutting one of your most consistent (if not the most consistent) kickers in franchise history is a subject taken lightly.

                I should of said backup.