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AFC West: Tops in the league?

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    We have to beat KC first


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      Originally posted by super_boltz
      LMAO the Broncos have won just 1 more game than the chargers since week 2 and they think they are guranteed a spot in the playoffs..... let me ask you this... what if the Chargers have figured out that defense you used in the second half??? Then you have a team with a BETTER defense and a BETTER offense that already knows it can play well on your homefield and has a scheme for whatever defense you choose. The high pressure attack WILL NOT work a 2nd and third time around.
      You will get your chance in week 17. It won't matter by then because you will be out of the playoff picture, but you can attempt to be spoilers for the Broncos first round bye.

      BYE the way, how does it feel to have to hope that someone else stumbles for you to have a playoff shot?

      Cincinnati/Pitt will have one division title and the other a wild card. That leaves you hoping that Jacksonville fades and with the injury to Leftwich, you might get your chance, so now you have to hope that Kansas City gets slapped out of the way so you have a chance to stick your foot in.
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        Originally posted by biznatches
        It's kinda funny when you look back on previous NFL broadcasts (thanks Tivo). Madden and the rest picked the NFC East to be the conference to beat, ( imagine that, a NFC exclusive network picking SuperBowl contenders). We all know that we pick the Chiefs now to be the team to beat the Broncos, but will the Steelers beat the Colts? Translation: who will the Broncos face for the AFC title?
        Broncos vs Colts. Broncos win the AFC title in a very close and low scoring game.


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