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  • End of an Era ???

    I know there are quite a few threads on various subjects concerning the Broncos and the off season; particularly regarding possible off season roster changes... but I figured a central thread wouldn't be out of the question.

    First and foremost, I truly believe that the signing of Daryl Gardener was the birth of most of our recent woes. Simply put, he rec'd a large pay check to come in here and produce, but all he did was initiate problems with management as well as cause problems both on and off the field. Basically, his salary cap figure is a huge contributor as to why we are having problems with keeping our "Team Players" happy. No; I'm not ignorant enough to place full blame on one player. I know the "think tank" in the organization thought this was a good move... but it proved to be costly. They made quite a few bad decisions ( mostly involving the cap ) and now we're suffering for it. Let's take a look at what we stand to lose this off season:

    Ian Gold: The guy is pro-bowl material ( had he not been injured ) and wants to go somewhere he'll be more appreciated ( financially speaking ). Personally, I'm hoping his agent is throwing up a big smoke screen in the hope that Sundquist will agree to a better paying deal due to the other problems they are facing currently.

    Al Wilson: Unhappy to say the least. Even with a franchise tag slapped on him, how much will he continue to produce if he doesn't want to be here? The only positive out of this situation is that he'll be shopping for a new boss on every game day and will want to look as good as possible for any new perspective employers.

    John Mobley: Not for nothing, because his decision may be completely related to injuries... but what's to say that he's not seeing his fellow LB's lack of enthusiasm in playing here and saying "Hey.. am I next???" Again... a possible salary cap issue.

    Well... the above pretty much wipes out our entire LB Corps which one year ago was considered "one of..." , if not "the Best" in Football. Don't get me wrong, Spragan and Sykes performed admirably last season ( with Wilson still in the middle ), but they are not in the same class as Gold and Mobley. I can't comment much on Pierce yet as he hasn't had a lot of playing time.

    And then....

    Mike Anderson: Well hell... now he's unhappy too. I can understand his view point, but to put it bluntly restructuring his contract wouldn't affect him in the long run. It's simply a mathematical solution to a negative balance problem. I hope he stays put, but I can't blame him if he wants to scoot out. Droughns is a decent back up, but again... not the same caliber of FB that Anderson is ( yet ).

    Deltha Oneal: You can't blame the guy really. He's stated over and over that he doesn't want to play WR. He's a pure corner and loves the position. Had it not been for some personal issues lately and his reaction towards management when all this went down, I think he'd still be one of the premier DB's in the league. I'm hoping Shanahan and Co. give him the benefit of the doubt and let him get back to what he does best..

    Shannon Sharpe: Only the greatest TE to ever play the game. I'd love to see him come back for a year, but truthfully... I don't think he's having fun any more. He's not the type of guy to continue playing if he's not enjoying it. My money is on him retiring.

    Eddie Mac: I hate to say this because I think he's one of the best possession recievers to ever play, but truthfully.. after his injury a couple years ago, he's lost a few steps. His intensity is still visible at times, but I think it may be time to let him go. I'm not completely sold on Lelie yet, but I think he will step up to the plate once Ed leaves.

    Finally, we have the pending Portis for Bailey deal looming in the distance. Note: I found out about this about a half hour prior to starting this novel ( apologies ) , and have been ticked since. WTF are they thinking? How is giving away our biggest offensive weapon supposed to help us get back to the SB? I'm all for upgrading when the ability exists, but imho, this is a huge mistake; a downgrade if you will. No offense to you Quentin Griffin fans out there, but he needs a couple more years as the back up to develop and there's no guarantee he'll be able to perform consistently even if he does get the nod. Portis is talented, established, and still very young. What the heck are we going to give him away for when he hasn't even reached his prime? Champ Bailey maybe good, but for all intents and purposes, his numbers have declined in recent years; whereas CP's have steadily grown.

    As the title suggests.. Is this the end of an era?

    Well, time for me to get off the soapbox. Apologies for the amount of text here. Had to get this off my chest.

    Nuff said...

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    Wonderfully put post, i agree

    i say lets start a new ERA then. with Defense, free up cap, try & keep our Key guys & build offense around Jake & D around Champ

    Shanny might have lost these current guys & we need a shakeup


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      Re: End of an Era ???

      Originally posted by NOLABroncofan
      As the title suggests.. Is this the end of an era?
      If it is... THANK GOD!!! I can't think of a less memorable span of time in Broncos history than the time since Elway retired. All this "era" gave us was two poorly played playoff losses. Hopefully if it is the end of an era, it won't be the starting of a lesser era than the medicore one that you are suggesting has come to a close...

      To address some of your points...

      I completely agree w/ you, as most Denver fans will, about Garnder. What a terrible and costly (mostly financially) move made by management.

      Ian Gold - You are correct, he was on pace for a pro-bowl type of a season. But he suffered a MAJOR injury, one that typically takes a player at least 2 years, if ever, to fully recover from. I am on the broncos management side of this, and don't want to give away the farm to sign him, but would like him back at a fair price. Could be another Brian Griese situation if we sign him to the huge deal he would like.

      Al Wilson - Im convinced they'll get a deal done, even if we have to tag him first. I think he wants to be in Denver, but he also feels (rightly so) that he is underpaid and wants the big signing bonus. If we tag him and don't get a long term deal done... he is good as gone the following year.

      Mike Anderson... He has Orlandis Gary written all over him if he leaves. I dont see any other teams forking over much more than the league min for him, so I think he'll be in Denver come the start of camp.

      Deltha Oneal - How many times does this guy have to get beat deep for people to realize he is not a good CB, and he never will be. I can't wait until we can cut him and get rid of him. Side note... Im still mad about him bumping that ref against Baltimore two years ago that started the defensive collapse that game.

      Shannon Sharpe - I would agree, I don't see him coming back. Especially w/ all the turmoil going on. But... who knows really what is going on in Sharpe's head right now. I wouldn't mind drafting a TE regardless if he returns or not.

      You hit it on the head w/ Eddie Mac.

      I personally feel the Baily/Portis trade would help the Broncos more than hinder tham. But there is another thread dedicated to that.


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        2 great posts and very inciteful

        I think this ERA do need to die and we make the playoffs and WIN.

        If this trade happens, it happens. Denver is ready to be contenders..

        BUT, what about the next runningback? Will he make 1500 yards and hold out as well?

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          Originally posted by AsianOrange
          2 great posts and very inciteful

          I think this ERA do need to die and we make the playoffs and WIN.

          If this trade happens, it happens. Denver is ready to be contenders..

          BUT, what about the next runningback? Will he make 1500 yards and hold out as well?
          yeah probably dude, after denver develops their RB's they get an attitude wanting more money, but denver opens the door on them boots them, and replaces them in a SNAP..
          fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!


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            I also agree with everyone, Its time for a new era. Denver hasn't tagged wilson yet and i read today that denver is supposedly close to a deal with him(maybe the supposed bailey portis trade changed his mind cuz a day or two ago denver sounded like they were no where near a contract solution with wilson) I think wilson stays. I think denvers contract with gardner had clauses in it where they could recoup some money and not take a big cap hit if they released him not sure though. Delthas good as gone i think eddie mac is too(hes awesome). If mobley doesn't play we could get some money back from him maybe. If we do trade portis though we better damn well keep anderson or i'll be pissed. Let him start and droughns start at fullback and ease griffin into the starting role or galloway. Who knows whats gonna happen though.


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              You know, I think denver may have found offensive shangra-la. We'll have Plummer for the next 6 years at a reasonable price for a QB and we replace our RB every 2-3 yrs or so. Our WR seem to come cheaply. The bulk of our money goes into bad decisions and defense. We might be sitting all right except for the Griese and Gardener situations.


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                Wouldn't that be funny if a Offensive Lineman threatened to holdout for a bigger contract claiming he will miss training camp and not open up holes for his running back? In an interesting little article I read on a rumor site earlier today they say maybe Shanny isn't confident in his O-line this year with Gibbs gone and thinks our running game might suffer because of it. If that's the case why not get something of value for Portis while we can. Shanny and his crew must seem pretty confident in selecting running back talent and maybe we can get someone to replace him easily. Wouldn't it be great if we could get another RB with the personality of T. Davis? Personally I have mixed feelings when it comes to Portis. Yea, he busts through the holes and is fast, but sometimes he's not really much of a team player. While some players are restructuring contracts he's crying about needed a big one. I do realize he's underpaid but so do the people with the check books, he didn't need to get on ESPN and say he needs a new contract.

                I say whatever happens happens but maybe instead of getting the Redskins second round, maybe we could just switch them positions in the first round. Then they wouldn't loose a pick altogether, and we could end up with someone like Sean Taylor to help Champ out. The new Era would really get started quickly then!


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                  LOL hoss, That would be funny if o-lineman started doing that. The 0nly one i know of off the top of my head that has held out for a bigger contract is orlando pace. But man he's worth it plus the fact he should hold out when you get slapped with the franchise tag every year your in the leauge