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Pick the winner of the Broncos vs. Ravens game...

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    Originally posted by watchthemiddle
    He is out for possibly the season. Reports today is he has a partially torn hammy and could miss the rest of the season.

    Regardless, they still have a good D and the past couple of weeks their O has been playing well. This will hopefully be a good bounce back game after last week.
    Good point


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      Originally posted by skisupreme4
      Ravens have a good defense even without Ray Leweis. Points will not come easily. Still Broncos win handily....20 to 6.
      Hope so we really need this game bud


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        Definitely the Broncos to win, but never underestimate the Ravens.
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          Broncos to win baby. Ravens can SIT AND SPIN t('.')t Muthasuckas!!!!!!


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            i would like to think the Broncos can win this game by double digits. Ravens are a hard team to bet on. Yes you can bet on low scoring or no presence of an offense, but their D switches on and off. I think they'll be pumped to go to Denver knowing they've owned them the last few times. I'll guess a score but I think it'll be 4-7 points in Denver's favor (20-14)and if we win by more then it'll be more thrilling.


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              After last week we're P.O.ed, at home, and looking for a shot at Indy and a bowl game! We have to win this one, the odds are just to much in our favor. Plus R. Lewis isn't a factor!
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                There is little reason to believe the Ravens can stay in this game. The depleted defense has had notable lapses against both the pass and run this season, and hasn't made nearly as many of the big plays that were once inevitable. On offense, Baltimore is a joke of the tedious, boring variety. Denver, which needs this game badly and is light years better than the Ravens in all phases, will win in a laugher.

                Sports Network Predicted Outcome: Broncos 34, Ravens 7
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                  Broncos 33- Ravens 6. Similar to the beat down the Jags gave them a few weeks back. Broncos are PO'd and need to take it out on somebody...


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                    Well, considering the past bad luck we've had with the Ravens, I'm a little surprised that at least a few people aren't giving them a chance. Then again, I'm not giving them much of a chance, either.

                    Broncos 27 - Ravens 12 (they have a good kicker)
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                      --- Broncos, 36-7 !!! ---

                      --- just make sure someone takes care of Suggs --- he is full tilt bozo !!! ---

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                        I forgot to congratulate this week's most accurate prognosticators...

                        Congrats to Dawgfan and PHolmes31 who were the only ones to accurately predict the fight that the Ravens put up.
                        "You can't take the sky from me..."
                        "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding"